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Quotations, Mottos, Idioms, Slangs

(magic spell in Chinese)

act heroically
have the courage to do what is right regardless the consequences

After suffering comes happiness.
When bitterness is finished, sweetness begins.

all the wishes come true

hold oneself aloof from the world

always in my heart

daring and energetic in high spirits

argue vigorously on the basis of sound reason or justice

arrogance of power

bear hardships and blame;
do something without complaint despite hardships and criticisms

Life is Beautiful

beautiful scene on a bright day
pleasant day coupled with a fine landscape

beauty of beauties;
woman of unsurpassed beauty

Benefit goes to the humble, while failure awaits the arrogant.

Best wishes for a happy new year

beyond comprehension; unimaginable

birth, age, disease, and death
(the four miseries, or sufferings in the course of human life (Buddhism)

Blood is thicker than water.

bring in wealth and riches

Buddha Dharma Sangha
(three treasures in Buddhism)

burden is heavy and the road is long

lighthearted with happy and carefree minds

carpe diem
seize the day

carry on the past and open a way for future
carry on the heritage so as to pave the way for future generations

carry out an undertaking from start to finish not to give up halfway

cherish life

choose what is good and stick to it

complete meeting of minds between two people

conduct oneself virtuously;
keep oneself clean and pure

confine the discussion to the matter at issue

consistent from beginning to end;
love with one heart

Contentment brings happiness
Happy is he who is content

contribute to one's peace of mind and inner tranquility

Crisis is Opportunity

cultivate oneself the heart and nature

dark side of life, the

deeply in love

deja vu

deserve it worthily

do anything one's heart dictates

Do not do to others what you don't want to be done to you.

endless love

everlasting and unchanging;
lovers forever

Everybody is satisfied

Everything visible is empty
(a Buddhist concept)

excellent quality and resonable price

Extreme pleasure is followed by sorrow
Happiness is followed by sorrow when reaches an extreme.

extremely violent and wicked

Faith, Hope, Love

fatal attraction

fated to be so;
predestined fate

Fear No Evil

feel at ease under all circumstances;
reconcile oneself to any situation

feel for others
judge other people's feelings by one's own

feel no qualms upon self-examination;
examine oneself and find nothing to be ashamed of

five elements
(ancient Chinese myth)

forever in my heart

forgive and forget
old grievances to be forgotten

getting beter and better

God Bless You

God give me strength

good people and exemplary deeds

good wife and beloved mother;
dutiful wife and loving mother

Happiness lies in rendering help to others.

happy in doing good for charity

Human effort can achieve anything.

I hope so

in honor of God

indiscriminate education;
provide education for all people without discrimination

invincible throughout the world;
matchless throughout the world

Know Yourself

Knowledge is infinite

Knowledge Is Power

Lamb of God

Life is like a dream.

Like father, like son.

Live The Dream

look before you leap;
think thrice before you act

Love Conquers All

lovers matched by God;
an ideal couple

lucky in every endeavor;
go smoothly everywhere

make big show of one's power;
show off one's military strength

Mission Impossible

modest and self-disciplined gentleman

move in an imposing manner
march forward with great strength and vigor

never give in

never give up

overcome adversity

overcome all difficulties

Pain is Love

Practice makes perfect

rely upon each other for life

remain faithful until death

repent past mistakes;
mend one's ways sincerely

revive an old dream;
reproduce the good old days

ride on the crest of success

short cuts make long delays

solemn pledge of love
vow between lovers that their mutual love will last as long as the mountain and the sea

strive for the best;
try to excel by strenuous efforts

Thank God, Thank Heaven

Things change with the passage of time.
The matter is all over and the situation has changed.

Things return to their proper owners

Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.
As soon as a thing reaches its extremity, it reverses its course.

too powerful to stop

trial and error

Trust Me

Trust No One

unexcelled luck and great prosperity

unprecedented and unrepeatable;
without precedent and following up

veteran in battle;
gone through numerous battles

victorious in every battle

vow eternal love;
make a solemn pledge of love

wild with joy;
overjoyed; with boundless joy

willingly follow what is right;
forge ahead in doing what is right

win by surprise
win victory through unexpected moves

youth is to be regarded with respect
The younger generation will surpass the older.