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life; fate, destiny; to order, command
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

(The way of strokes are the same!)

The meanings in Chinese:




to order

to command

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related keyword:



pronunciation: mìng ming~4

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recommended words or phrases:

fate, destiny, predestination

fated, destined, predestined, fated to be so, decreed by fate, predestined fate
fated to be so
decreed by fate
predestined fate

fatality, predestination, helplessness in the face of fate
helplessness in the face of fate

die-hard, tenacious life, having nine lives, life is very tenacious, having the devil's own luck
tenacious life
having nine lives
life is very tenacious
having the devil's own luck

cat with nine lives, a die-hard person
cat with nine lives
a die-hard person


new life, newborn life
new life
newborn life

life force, vital principle, vitality and strength
life force
vital principle
vitality and strength

risk one's life, try very hard, with all one's might, exert utmost strength
risk one's life
try very hard
with all one's might
exert utmost strength

fight with life, risk one's life
fight with life
risk one's life

fatal, killing, lethal, deadly, causing death
causing death

urge persistently, pressurize continually, hasten a person's death
urge persistently
pressurize continually
hasten a person's death

run for one's life, flee for one's life
run for one's life
flee for one's life

fortune-telling, tell fortunes
tell fortunes

mission, assignment, specified task, mission for life
specified task
mission for life

standby, await orders
await orders

obey orders, do one's duty regardlessly
obey orders
do one's duty regardlessly

As you wish, follow an instruction, obey your command, comply with your wish
As you wish
follow an instruction
obey your command
comply with your wish
(response to somebody's request)


Help! save life
save life

depend life on each other, rely upon each other for life, stick together in difficulties
depend life on each other
rely upon each other for life
stick together in difficulties

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