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Eight Chinese Characters 八字
Convert your Birth Year, Month, Day, Hour into
Eight Chinese Characters 八字 in lunar calendar,
Heavenly Stem 天干, Earthly Branch 地支, Chinese zodiac animals
Heavenly Stem 天干, Earthly Branch 地支, Chinese zodiac animals
used in Feng Shui, Horoscope, Matchmaking, and Fortune Telling

big, large, huge, great
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

(The way of strokes are the same!)

The meanings in Chinese:

big, large

huge, great

related keywords:

pronunciation: da~4

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calligraphic strokes animation:

multi-style calligraphic fonts for this symbol:

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recommended words or phrases:

high aims, lofty aims, lofty ambitions, great ambitions, exalted ambition, high aspirations
high aims
lofty aims
lofty ambitions
great ambitions
exalted ambition
high aspirations

elephant, big elephant
big elephant

maestro, great master, grand master
great master
grand master

chef, head chef, chief cook, executive chef
head chef
chief cook
executive chef

eldest brother; mafia boss, gang leader
eldest brother
mafia boss
gang leader

boss, leader of a gang; eldest child, eldest among siblings
leader of a gang
eldest child
eldest among siblings

boatheader, senior boatman, chief crewman, captain of a fishing boat
senior boatman
chief crewman
captain of a fishing boat

daring, boldhearted, adventurous, audaciously bold, bold and confident, courageous and daring
audaciously bold
bold and confident
courageous and daring

bold and cautious, courageous and wise, brave but not reckless
bold and cautious
courageous and wise
brave but not reckless

magnanimity, magnanimous, generous heart, mercy and tolerance, generous and forgiving, generosity and liberality
generous heart
mercy and tolerance
generous and forgiving
generosity and liberality

generous, generosity; natural and graceful, poised and dignified, elegant and composed
natural and graceful
poised and dignified
elegant and composed

great strength, force vigorously, push energetically, exert great efforts, with great exertion
great strength
force vigorously
push energetically
exert great efforts
with great exertion

Hercules, strong man, man of muscle, weightlifting champion, man of unusual strength
strong man
man of muscle
weightlifting champion
man of unusual strength

most favorable auspices, great fortune and great profit, unexcelled luck and great prosperity; Lucky and Prosperous New Year
most favorable auspices
great fortune and great profit
unexcelled luck and great prosperity
Lucky and Prosperous New Year

Lucky for everything, Good luck in everything
Lucky for everything.
Good luck in everything.

Auspicious beginning of a new business, Great prosperity attend the grand opening
Auspicious beginning of a new business.
Great prosperity attend the grand opening.

great, mighty, grandeur, greatness

mighty, formidable, big and powerful
big and powerful

grand, majestic, magnificent and imposing
magnificent and imposing

lofty, promising, far-reaching, broad and long-ranged
broad and long-ranged

to grow, grow up
to grow
grow up

huge, gigantic, big in stature, extremely large, exceptionally large
big in stature
extremely large
exceptionally large

die-hard, tenacious life, having nine lives, life is very tenacious, having the devil's own luck
tenacious life
having nine lives
life is very tenacious
having the devil's own luck

to magnify, amplify, enlarge
to magnify
to amplify
to enlarge

magnifier, magnifying glass
magnifying glass

just and fair, just and honorable, open and aboveboard
just and fair
just and honorable
open and aboveboard

fair and frank, pen and aboveboard, just and honorable, just and pure of mind
fair and frank
open and aboveboard
just and honorable
just and pure of mind

just and honorable, frank and righteous, open and aboveboard, upright and open-minded, aboveboard and straightforward
just and honorable
frank and righteous
open and aboveboard
upright and open-minded
aboveboard and straightforward

All satisfied, Everybody is happy, Everybody is satisfied, satisfaction of to all
All satisfied.
Everybody is happy.
Everybody is satisfied.
satisfaction of to all

realize one's ambition, carry out one's great plan, display one's great ambition, ride on the crest of success
realize one's ambition
carry out one's great plan
display one's great ambition
ride on the crest of success

graceful and generous, composed and tolerant, elegant and magnanimous, tolerant magnanimous mind
graceful and generous
composed and tolerant
elegant and magnanimous
tolerant magnanimous mind

void of vanities, sensuous world is illusory, all space-directions are void, all physical existence is vanity, indifferent to all worldly temptations in Buddhism
void of vanities
sensuous world is illusory
all space-directions are void
all physical existence is vanity
indifferent to all worldly temptations
(in Buddhism)

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