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Eight Chinese Characters 八字
Convert your Birth Year, Month, Day, Hour into
Eight Chinese Characters 八字 in lunar calendar,
Heavenly Stem 天干, Earthly Branch 地支, Chinese zodiac animals
Heavenly Stem 天干, Earthly Branch 地支, Chinese zodiac animals
used in Feng Shui, Horoscope, Matchmaking, and Fortune Telling

day; sky, heaven; inborn; naturee
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Chinese text:

The meanings in Chinese:




inborn; nature

related keywords:
heaven, sky

pronunciation: tiān tian~1

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Heavenly father, Our Father
Heavenly father
Our Father

angel, messenger from Heaven
messenger from Heaven

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

fallen angel
fallen angel

genius, prodigy, inborn gift, natural talent, natural endowments
inborn gift
natural talent
natural endowments

naive, childlike, natural and sincere, too willing to believe or trust
natural and sincere
too willing to believe or trust

natural, not artificial, natural products
not artificial
natural products

born beauty, inborn beauty, innate beauty, genuine beauty, heavenly beauty
born beauty
inborn beauty
innate beauty
genuine beauty
heavenly beauty


natural enemy; an animal that hunts, kills, and eats other
natural enemy
an animal that hunts, kills, and eats other

sky lantern, flying lantern
sky lantern
flying lantern

nature laws, heavenly law, ways of heaven, manifestation of God's will
nature laws
heavenly law
ways of heaven
manifestation of God's will

God's will, will of God, will of Heaven, divine providence
God's will
will of God
will of Heaven
divine providence

godsend, providential, heaven-sent, bestowed by heaven
bestowed by heaven

godsend opportunity
godsend opportunity
heaven-sent chance

Pegasus, winged steed, winged divine stallion
winged steed
winged divine stallion

the world, whole world, under the heaven
the world
whole world
under the heaven

invincible throughout the world, matchless throughout the world
invincible throughout the world
matchless throughout the world

carve a niche for oneself, adventure around the world, start an undertaking successfully
carve a niche for oneself
adventure around the world
start an undertaking successfully

overrun the whole world, move about the whole world freely
overrun the whole world
move about the whole world freely

travel around the world, roam all over the world
travel around the world
roam all over the world

big female star; female hegemony, Empress of Heaven
big female star
female hegemony
Empress of Heaven

big male star; hegemony, Emperor of Heaven
big male star
Emperor of Heaven

Uranus, planet Uranus
planet Uranus

family bonds, joyful family life, family happiness, happiness of a family
family bonds
joyful family life
family happiness
happiness of a family

Scorpio, Scorpion, Scorpius, the eighth sign of the zodiac
the eighth sign of the zodiac

Libra, the Balance, the seventh sign of the zodiac
the Balance
the seventh sign of the zodiac

lovers forever, everlasting and unchanging, enduring as the universe
lovers forever
everlasting and unchanging
enduring as the universe

a heaven-made match, a match blessed by God, a match made in heaven, a union made by heaven
a heaven-made match
a match blessed by God
a match made in heaven
a union made by heaven

a perfect couple, a doomed couple, born of a couple, meant for each other, match made in heaven
a perfect couple
a doomed couple
born of a couple
meant for each other
match made in heaven

God's lovers; an ideal couple; a wonderful match; lovers matched by God
God's lovers
an ideal couple
a wonderful match
lovers matched by God




every day, day-to-day
every day

spring, springtime

autumn, fall
autumn, fall

optimistic, sanguinity, easygoing, cheerfully optimistic, calm and unworried
cheerfully optimistic
calm and unworried

chat, small talk
to chat
small talk

blue sky, blue heaven
blue sky
blue heaven

rainy day
rainy day

West Heaven, Western Paradise
West Heaven
Western Paradise

fly to the heaven; flying Apsaras, flying celestial nymphs
fly to the heaven
flying Apsaras
flying celestial nymphs

go up to the heaven, ascending to the heaven, become supernatural beings
go up to the heaven
ascending to the heaven
become supernatural beings

ascension, go up to heaven, ascend to heaven, raised to the skies
go up to heaven
ascend to heaven
raised to the skies

towering, soaring, shoot up to sky
shoot up to sky

lofty and strong, prop up the sky, prop the heaven
lofty and strong
prop up the sky
prop the heaven

sky scraping, towering into the sky
sky scraping
towering into the sky

ferris wheel, observation wheel
ferris wheel
observation wheel

supremely fortunate, heavenly providential
supremely fortunate
heavenly providential

brighter future, wide sea and sky, broad as the sea and sky, unrestrained and far-ranging
brighter future
wide sea and sky
broad as the sea and sky
unrestrained and far-ranging

Upstanding and dauntless; Undertaking with indomitable spirit; Hold up the heavens, and support the earth; Stand upright on one's two legs between heaven and earth
Upstanding and dauntless
Undertaking with indomitable spirit
Hold up the heavens, and support the earth.
Stand upright on one's two legs between heaven and earth.

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