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Eight Chinese Characters 八字
Convert your Birth Year, Month, Day, Hour into
Eight Chinese Characters 八字 in lunar calendar,
Heavenly Stem 天干, Earthly Branch 地支, Chinese zodiac animals
Heavenly Stem 天干, Earthly Branch 地支, Chinese zodiac animals
used in Feng Shui, Horoscope, Matchmaking, and Fortune Telling

1-character Chinese tattoo collection
sentiment, affection, feelings, mortal love, tender regards; a favor, kindness; condition, situation
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Chinese text:

The meanings in Chinese:

sentiment, affection


mortal love

tender regards

favor, kindness

condition, situation

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Chinese words for
Love, passion, affection, sentiment

pronunciation: qíng qing~2

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recommended words or phrases:

lover, paramour, sweetheart

lovers, lovebirds, sweethearts, affectionate couple
affectionate couple

love letter
love letter

love song
love song

love poems, love lyrics
love poems
love lyrics

tender regards, feeling of liking, love and affection
tender regards
feeling of liking
love and affection

comradeship, ties of friendship, ties of comradeship
ties of friendship
ties of comradeship

Love is as deep as the sea
Love is as deep as the sea.

serendipity of love, predestination of love
serendipity of love
predestination of love

love's snare, snares of love
love's snare
snares of love

love rival, rival in love
love rival
rival in love

information, intelligence reports
intelligence reports

love, affection, tender passion; love between man and woman
tender passion
love between man and woman

love story, romantic love
love story
romantic love

mood, emotion, frame of mind
frame of mind

passionate, emotional, sentimental, full of affection, romantic nature, full of tenderness
full of affection
romantic nature
full of tenderness

pledge love, get engaged, engaged affection, token of love
pledge love
get engaged
engaged affection
token of love

faithful, head over heels, faithful in a relationship
head over heels
faithful in a relationship

true feelings, genuine feelings
true feelings
genuine feelings

deep love, deep feeling, deep affection, deep sentiment, deep emotion
deep love
deep feeling
deep affection
deep sentiment
deep emotion

real affection, true sentiments, genuine feelings
real affection
true sentiments
genuine feelings

heartfelt emotion, innermost feelings, affection in one's heart, strongly felt and sincere
heartfelt emotion
innermost feelings
affection in one's heart
strongly felt and sincere

be fond of, strong liking, deeply in love
be fond of
strong liking
deeply in love

proud spirit, imposing spirit, lofty sentiments
proud spirit
imposing spirit
lofty sentiments

passion, fervor, ardor, enthusiasm, intense emotion, passionate feeling
intense emotion
passionate feeling

passion, zeal, ardor, enthusiasm

spoony, infatuation, passion of love, foolishly amorous, unreasoning passion
passion of love
foolishly amorous
unreasoning passion

disposition, personality, temperament

feeling, emotion, relationship

tender affection, tender feelings, soft and sentimental
tender affection
tender feelings
soft and sentimental

warmth, tender sentiments, warm-heartedness
tender sentiments

family love, affection of family
family love
affection of family

sentimental, relieve the emotions, express one's feelings
relieve the emotions
express one's feelings

ecstasy, self-transcendence, unruffled by sentiment
unruffled by sentiment

do as one pleases, as much as one likes, revel to one's content, give free rein to passion, indulge oneself in passion
do as one pleases
as much as one likes
revel to one's content
give free rein to passion
indulge oneself in passion

indulge oneself, content one's heart, set oneself free, enjoy the pleasure of
indulge oneself
content one's heart
set oneself free
enjoy the pleasure of

stir up emotion, arouse sympathy, over-sentimental, affection-instigating, tearfully sentimental
stir up emotion
arouse sympathy
tearfully sentimental

pity, sympathy, compassion, commiseration; to sympathize, feel pity for, show sympathy; understanding between people
to sympathize
feel pity for
show sympathy
understanding between people

hospitality, human touch, human interest, human kindness
human touch
human interest
human kindness

elegant demeanor, amorous appearance, flirtatious expressions, playful sexual attraction
elegant demeanor
amorous appearance
flirtatious expressions
playful sexual attraction

charming and graceful; fascinating and charming; various elegant demeanor; every playful sexual attraction; all different kinds of flirtatious expressions
charming and graceful
fascinating and charming
various elegant demeanor
every playful sexual attraction
all different kinds of flirtatious expressions

love grows over time; familiarity breeds fondness
love grows over time
familiarity breeds fondness

mutual sentiments; consensually fond of; resonance between two lovers; sentiments between two lovers; deeply attached to each other
mutual sentiments
consensually fond of
resonance between two lovers
sentiments between two lovers
deeply attached to each other

great tenderness between lovers; strong feelings and sweet sentiment
great tenderness between lovers
strong feelings and sweet sentiment

old romance, past love affair
old romance
past love affair

past indelible love; unforgettable old love; bygone love is everlasting
past indelible love
unforgettable old love
bygone love is everlasting

devoted for love; falling deeply in love; passionately devoted; love someone all the way
devoted for love
falling deeply in love
passionately devoted
love someone all the way

unfinished love, incomplete romantic
unfinished love
incomplete romantic

endless love, unfinished love, Love Without End, never-ending love
endless love
unfinished love
Love Without End
never-ending love

contribute to peace of mind and inner tranquility
contribute to peace of mind and inner tranquility

peacefully and leisurely; leisurely and carefree mood; easy and interesting life; pleasures of a leisurely life
peacefully and leisurely
leisurely and carefree mood
easy and interesting life
pleasures of a leisurely life

look, expression, countenance, facial expression
facial expression

plot, storyline, plot of a play
plot of a play

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Love, Passion, Affection, Sentiment

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