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Eight Chinese Characters 八字
Convert your Birth Year, Month, Day, Hour into
Eight Chinese Characters 八字 in lunar calendar,
Heavenly Stem 天干, Earthly Branch 地支, Chinese zodiac animals
Heavenly Stem 天干, Earthly Branch 地支, Chinese zodiac animals
used in Feng Shui, Horoscope, Matchmaking, and Fortune Telling

1-character Chinese tattoo collection
to respect, honor, salute, revere, venerate
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

(The way of strokes are the same!)

The meanings in Chinese:

to respect

to honor

to salute

to revere

to venerate

offer or serve something politely

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pronunciation: jìng jing~4

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calligraphic strokes animation:
Chinese symbol Reverence, Respect handwriting strokes GIF animation
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recommended words or phrases:

to adore; respect and love
to adore
respect and love

to revere, esteem, venerate; respect and admire; have high regard for; regard with great respect
to revere
to esteem
to venerate
respect and admire
have high regard for
regard with great respect

salute; render a salute; a gesture of respect or polite recognition
render a salute
a gesture of respect or polite recognition

to salute; pay respects to; express respect to
to salute
pay respects to
express respect to

to admire, esteem; respect and admire; think highly of
to admire
to esteem
respect and admire
think highly of

admire and respect
admire and respect

professional ethics; professional dedication; dedicated to one's work
professional ethics
professional dedication
dedicated to one's work

toast; to drink to the health or in honor of someone or something by raising one's glass together with others
to drink to the health or
in honor of someone or something
by raising one's glass together with others

respect, revere, venerate, esteem; admire deeply; reverence; veneration
to respect
to revere
to venerate
to esteem
admire deeply

respectful, reverent, reverential, deferential; with great respect
with great respect

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