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Chinese symbol Fortune, Good Fortune Chinese symbol Spring, Spring season Chinese symbol forever, eternal, everlasting Chinese symbol faith, trust, believe Chinese symbol Righteousness, justice, loyalty Chinese symbol: brave, heroic, courageous Chinese symbol: wit, wise, wisdom Chinese symbol: true, real, genuine Chinese symbol: Love
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decide, determine, judge, conclude
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

(The way of strokes are slightly different!)

simplified Chinese symbol: decide, determine, judge, conclude
(simplified Chinese symbol)

The meanings in Chinese:

to decide, determine

to judge, conclude

decidedly, certainly

related keywords:
certain, certainly

pronunciation: jué jue~2

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calligraphic strokes animation:

multi-style calligraphic fonts for this symbol:

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recommended words or phrases:

determination, resolution
make up one's mind
set one's mind upon

decide, decision
to decide
make up one's mind

decide, determine
to decide
to determine

policy-making, strategic decision
strategic decision
decision of stratagem

determine the victory
determine the victory
slugging it out
winning competition

final battle, decisive battle
final battle
decisive battle
fight a decisive battle

finals competition
finals competition
last game of tournament

fight a duel
fight a duel

versus, face off
face off


solve, resolve
to solve
to settle
to resolve
straighten out