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know, be aware of; recognize, understand; knowledge
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

(The way of strokes are the same!)

The meanings in Chinese:

know, be aware of

recognize, understand


related keywords:
aware, awareness

pronunciation: zhī zhi~1

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calligraphic strokes animation:

multi-style calligraphic fonts for this symbol:

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recommended words or phrases:

confidant, soul mate, bosom friend, intimate friend
alter ego
soul mate
bosom friend
intimate friend

knowledge, know-how

contentment, gratefulness, happiness and satisfaction
happiness and satisfaction
content with what one has had

Contentment brings happiness, Happiness consists in contentment
Contentment brings happiness.
Happiness consists in contentment.
He who is contented is always happy.

intimate, understanding, heart-to-heart
private and personal

intimate words, heart-to-heart talk
intimate words
heart-to-heart talk

know each other well, bosom friend, intimate friend
know each other well
well acquainted with each other
bosom friend
intimate friend
very close friend

prophet, person of foresight
person of foresight
proclaimer of the will of God
person who predicts the future


inform, notify, notification
to inform
to notify

seek knowledge, pursue learning
seek knowledge
pursue learning

desire for knowledge, intellectual curiosity
desire for knowledge
intellectual curiosity
hunger after knowledge