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to stand, erect; set up, establish; upright, vertical; at once, immediately
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

(The way of strokes are the same!)

The meanings in Chinese:

to stand, erect

upright, vertical

set up, establish

at once, immediately

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related keyword:

set up


pronunciation: li~4

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calligraphic strokes animation:

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recommended words or phrases:

resolved, determined to, set an object of pursuit
determined to
make up one's mind
set an object of pursuit

achieve distinction, perform deeds of merit, render meritorious service
achieve distinction
make contributions
perform deeds of merit
render meritorious service

vow, make an oath, swear an oath
to vow
make an oath
swear an oath

contract, covenant
to contract
to covenant
made agreements

stand upright, stand firm
stand upright
stand firm

stand on one's feet
to stand
on one's feet

handstand, headstand
stand upside down

oppose, antagonistic
to oppose

independent, independence

independent, support oneself
fend for oneself
support oneself
earn one's own living
stand on one's own feet

take prompt action, make a prompt decision
take prompt action
make a prompt decision
decide promptly and opportunely
prompt decision at the right moment

Upstanding and dauntless, Undertaking with indomitable spirit
Upstanding and dauntless
Undertaking with indomitable spirit
Hold up the heavens, and support the earth.
Stand upright on one's two legs between heaven and earth.

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