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Chinese words for Fantasy, Legend, Mystery

God; creator and ruler of the universe
creator and ruler of the universe

God Bless You; Blessing from God
God Bless You.
Blessing from God.

God; a god, deity; immortal, supernatural being
a god, deity
immortal, supernatural being

God give me strength
God give me strength.

bless, blessing, give blessing, blessing from God
to bless
give blessing
blessing from God

God loves fools; Fortune favors fools; God sends fortune to fools; stupid is as stupid does
God loves fools.
Fortune favors fools.
God sends fortune to fools.
stupid is as stupid does

act of grace; grace from God
act of grace
grace from God

Heaven; the abode of God and the angels
the abode of God and the angels

church, cathedral; house of God
house of God

a match blessed by God, a match made in heaven, a union made by heaven
a match blessed by God
a match made in heaven
a union made by heaven

Heavenly father; Our Father
Heavenly father
Our Father

God's will; will of God; will of Heaven; divine providence
God's will
will of God
will of Heaven
divine providence

nature laws, heavenly law, ways of heaven, manifestation of God's will
nature laws
heavenly law
ways of heaven
manifestation of God's will

Jehovah, Yehovah

the Creator
the Creator

almighty; omnipotent, omnipotence; having unlimited power
omnipotent, omnipotence
having unlimited power

Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost
Holy Spirit
Holy Ghost

prayer, to pray
to pray

blessing of God, divine protection
blessing of God
divine protection

blessing, bless and protect, blessed by God, God's favor and protection
bless and protect
blessed by God
God's favor and protection

prophet, person of foresight, proclaimer of the will of God
person of foresight
proclaimer of the will of God

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