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giving out or reflecting much light;

intelligent and quick-witted

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bright (1-character)





brightness; illuminati; bright future; brilliant prospects
bright future
brilliant prospects

bright moon; a shining white orb of the full moon
bright moon
a shining white orb
of the full moon

bright lamp; someone or something that guides or gives hope to others
bright lamp
someone or something that
guides or gives hope to others

bright and shade; light and shadow; brightness and darkness
bright and shade
light and shadow
brightness and darkness

vivid and bright; bright and colorful; clear and distinct theme
vivid and bright
bright and colorful
clear and distinct (theme)

gaily colored; brightly colored; vivid and colorful; showy and beautiful
gaily colored
brightly colored
vivid and colorful
showy and beautiful

vividly beautiful; bright and beautiful; splendidly beautiful; magnificently beautiful; glamorously beautiful
vividly beautiful
bright and beautiful
splendidly beautiful
magnificently beautiful
glamorously beautiful

bright; shining; brilliant; well-lit; well-illuminated

bright star; movie star
bright star
movie star

obvious; bright and clear; clear and understandable; clear, self-evident, and apparent
bright and clear
clear and understandable
clear, self-evident, and apparent

serene and tranquil; transparent and serene; the state of being clear, bright, calm, peaceful, and undisturbed
serene and tranquil
transparent and serene
the state of being clear, bright,
calm, peaceful, and undisturbed

bright and clean; clear and shining
bright and clean
clear and shining

bright and intelligent; brilliant and intelligent
bright and intelligent
brilliant and intelligent

bright mind; enlightened mind; clear and alert mind
bright mind
enlightened mind
clear and alert mind

dazzling; blindingly bright; extremely impressive
blindingly bright
extremely impressive

clear sky; bright sky; cloudless sky
clear sky
bright sky
cloudless sky

sunny side; facing the sunshine
sunny side
facing the sunshine

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