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look after and provide for the needs of;
serious attention or consideration applied to doing something

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care (1-character)

look after






concern; care about; cause concern for someone
to concern
care about
to cause concern for (someone)

to care; solicitude; concern about; loving care for
to care
to solicitude
concern about
loving care for

affectionate; loving care for; care and cherish; concern and love
loving care for
care and cherish
concern and love

care for; highly favored; favored and blessed
care for
highly favored
favored and blessed

look after; take care of; patronize; show consideration
look after
take care of
to patronize
show consideration

mind one's family; responsible to family; look after one's family; take good care of one's family
mind one's family
responsible to family
look after one's family
take good care of one's family

to pamper; protect and care; cherish and care; take good care of
to pamper
protect and care
cherish and care
take good care of

to care; cherish; take good care of; give kind protection
to care
to cherish
take good care of
give kind protection

to value; cherish; hold dear; use sparingly; to love, protect, and care for someone or something
to value
to cherish
hold dear
use sparingly
to love, protect, and care
for someone or something

solicitude; worry about; concerned about
worry about
concerned about

Take care! take care of oneself; take good care of one's health
Take care!
(used when saying goodbye)
take care of oneself
take good care of one's health

solicitous; eagerly attentive; showing care and helpful attention to someone
eagerly attentive
showing care and
helpful attention to someone

plant and cultivate; prepare a person's career; cultivate and nourish talent
plant and cultivate
prepare a person's career
cultivate and nourish talent

caring; loving care; benevolent heart; kindness and concern
loving care
benevolent heart
kindness and concern

mother's love; maternal love
mother's love
maternal love

maternity; motherliness; maternal instincts
maternal instincts

adopt, adoption; legally taking another's child and bringing it up as one's own
to adopt
legally taking another's child
and bringing it up as one's own

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