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the action or process of working together to the same end

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cooperate, cooperation, collaborate, collaboration, team up, work together
to cooperate
to collaborate
team up
work together

mutual cooperation; mutual assistance and cooperation; helping each other to achieve a goal
mutual cooperation
mutual assistance and cooperation
helping each other to achieve a goal

teamwork; cooperate as a team; combined action of a group
cooperate as a team
combined action of a group

team spirit; teamwork spirit; spirit of solidarity; vitality of camaraderie
team spirit
teamwork spirit
spirit of solidarity
vitality of camaraderie

sincere solidarity; united in good faith; cooperate and unite with absolute sincerity
sincere solidarity
united in good faith
cooperate and unite with absolute sincerity

join hands; hand in hand; to cooperate; work together
join hands
hand in hand
to cooperate
work together

relay, relay race; a group of people engaged in a task or activity for a period of time and then replaced by a similar group
relay race
a group of people engaged in a task or activity
for a period of time and then replaced by a similar group

assist, coordinate, bring into harmony
to assist
to coordinate
bring into harmony

coordinate, coordination; negotiation between; harmonious and efficient relationship
negotiation between
harmonious and efficient relationship

to blend, harmonize, put in tune
to blend
to harmonize
put in tune

to fit; match; cooperate; coordinate with
to fit
to match
to cooperate
coordinate with

together with one heart; work in full cooperation
together with one heart
work in full cooperation

handle business, perform work, manage an affair, run some errand
handle business
perform work
manage an affair
run some errand

to handle, deal with, cope with, dispose of
to handle
deal with
cope with
dispose of

consultation, negotiation, exchange views, discuss seriously
exchange views
discuss seriously

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