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dry, dried
free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist

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dry, dried in simplified Chinese
dry, dried
(simplified Chinese)

dry, dried
dry, dried

dry, arid; droughty, rainless; parched
dry, arid
droughty, rainless

dry flower; dried flower; dehydrated flower
dry flower
dried flower
dehydrated flower

dried up; withered
dried up

dry; dry up
dry up

drought; a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a shortage of water
a prolonged period of abnormally low
rainfall, leading to a shortage of water

to roast, bake; to dry, warm by a fire
to roast, bake
to dry, warm by a fire

to bake; dry over a fire
to bake
dry over a fire

dry in the sun; bask in the sun; shine upon by sunlight; exposed to light from the sun
dry in the sun
bask in the sun
shine upon by sunlight
exposed to light from the sun

dry in the air; dry in the sun
dry in the air
dry in the sun

dried fish; Katsuobushi; Bonito flakes
dried fish
Bonito flakes

laver; seaweed; dried seaweed; edible seaweed
dried seaweed
edible seaweed

dried meat; preserved fruit
dried meat
preserved fruit

dried meat; preserved meat
dried meat
preserved meat

pork floss; flossy pork; meat wool
pork floss
flossy pork
meat wool

dried shrimp; tiny dried shrimp; peeled, dried shrimp
dried shrimp
tiny dried shrimp
peeled, dried shrimp

shiitake mushroom; dried mushroom
shiitake mushroom
dried mushroom

salted fish; dried and salted fish; fish both dried and salted
salted fish
dried and salted fish
fish both dried and salted

raisin; dried grape
dried grape

smoked plum; pickled plums; dried salted plum
smoked plum
pickled plums
dried salted plum

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