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each other (idiom)

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each other (Chinese words)

mutual cooperation
mutual assistance and cooperation
helping each other to achieve a goal

gentleman's agreement

gentlemen's agreement

sworn brothers

heart to heart
heart linked to heart
to be of one mind with


heart to heart harmoniously
have mutual affinity each other
mutual understanding and attraction

a perfect couple
a doomed couple
born of a couple
meant for each other
match made in heaven

always together
follow like a shadow
inseparable as form and shadow

love grows over time
familiarity breeds fondness

depend life on each other
rely upon each other for life
stick together in difficulties

love each other devotedly
dear to each other intimately
attached to each other deeply

loving couple
devoted couple
affectionate couple

you and I in deep love
a lovey-dovey couple
(classic literary writing)

resonance between two lovers
sentiments between two lovers
deeply attached to each other

Grow old together
reach old age together
live to old age in conjugal bliss
remain a devoted couple to the end
stick to each other till the hair turns grey

Fate brings people together thousand miles apart.

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