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the action of enlightening
or the state of being enlightened

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enlighten; comprehend; awareness; awake to Zen; come to realize; realize the truth; quick to understand
to enlighten
to comprehend
awake to Zen
come to realize
realize the truth
quick to understand

enlightenment; awaken of Tao; realize the truth
awaken of Tao
realize the truth

gradual enlightenment; realize the Zen gradually
gradual enlightenment
realize the Zen gradually

realize suddenly; sudden realization; flash of realization; moment of enlightenment
realize suddenly
sudden realization
flash of realization
moment of enlightenment

enlightened fully; awakening thoroughly; achieve supreme enlightenment
enlightened fully
awakening thoroughly
achieve supreme enlightenment

realize completely; apprehend thoroughly; understand completely; supreme enlightenment
realize completely
apprehend thoroughly
understand completely
supreme enlightenment

awaken of Zen; enlightenment of Zen
awaken of Zen
enlightenment of Zen

awakening to Zen; enlightening to Zen
awakening to Zen
enlightening to Zen

bliss of dhyana; delight of Zen enlightenment
bliss of dhyana
delight of Zen enlightenment

Zen allegory; moral of Zen; subtleties of Zen
Zen allegory
moral of Zen
subtleties of Zen

awakened one; enlightened percipient; a person who is able to perceive things, Tao, Zen
awakened one
enlightened percipient
a person who is able to perceive things, Tao, Zen

awareness; consciousness; awakened to the truth; Buddhist enlightenment
awakened to the truth
Buddhist enlightenment

gift of talent; root of wisdom; talented nature; root of wisdom that can lead one to truth and enlightenment
gift of talent
root of wisdom
talented nature
root of wisdom that can lead one
to truth and enlightenment

bodhi; awakening; enlightenment

prajna, highest wisdom of Buddhism
highest wisdom of Buddhism

Kenshō; enlighten of Zen; find one's true self; seeing one's true nature; understand the mind and see the disposition thoroughly
enlighten of Zen
find one's true self
seeing one's true nature
understand the mind and
see the disposition thoroughly

nirvana; moksha in Buddhism

Buddha; Gautama Buddha; Shakyamuni Buddha; Siddhārtha Gautama
Gautama Buddha
Shakyamuni Buddha
Siddhārtha Gautama

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