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to the advantage of someone or something;
like or approve of someone or something

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upper hand; superior position; favorable position; advantageous position
upper hand
superior position
favorable position
advantageous position

priority service; special discount; favorable treatment; preferential treatment
priority service
special discount
favorable treatment
preferential treatment

support of the people; favorable social conditions; popularity and harmony with the people
support of the people
favorable social conditions
popularity and harmony with the people

public relations; the professional maintenance of a favorable public image
public relations
the professional maintenance
of a favorable public image

fame; reputation; good name; public respect; good reputation; favorable reputation
good name
public respect
good reputation
favorable reputation

good feeling; good vibes; attracted to; fond of someone; favorable impression
good feeling
good vibes
attracted to
fond of someone
favorable impression

favorable, beneficial; advantage, advantageous
favorable, beneficial
advantage, advantageous

favorable; beneficial; profitable; advantageous; yielding profit or financial gain; favorable circumstances that increase the chances of success or effectiveness
yielding profit or financial gain
favorable circumstances that
increase the chances of success or effectiveness

favorable location; local convenience; in the right place; topographical advantages; favorable geographical position
favorable location
local convenience
in the right place
topographical advantages
favorable geographical position

lucky; auspicious; propitious; fortunate; good luck; under favorable auspices
good luck
under favorable auspices

most favorable auspices; great fortune and great profit; unexcelled luck and great prosperity; Lucky and Prosperous New Year
most favorable auspices
great fortune and great profit
unexcelled luck and great prosperity
Lucky and Prosperous New Year

godsend; providential; heaven-sent; bestowed by heaven; occurring at a very favorable time
bestowed by heaven
occurring at a very favorable time

turning point; great chance; right opportunity; favorable juncture; critical point of time
turning point
great chance
right opportunity
favorable juncture
critical point of time

good chance; turning point; a favorable turn from bad to good
good chance
turning point
a favorable turn
(from bad to good)

serendipity; spells of fortune; encounters in life; favorable turns in life
spells of fortune
encounters in life
favorable turns in life

timely; in time; occurring at a favorable or useful time
in time
occurring at a favorable or useful time

bon voyage; downwind; favorable wind; following wind
bon voyage
favorable wind
following wind

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