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(multi-character Chinese words)

move through the air using wings;

move or be hurled quickly through the air

fly (see 1-character Chinese symbols)

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Chinese words for Birds, Wings, Flying

to fly; aviate; flight, flying
to fly
to aviate
flight, flying

pilot; aviator

dance in the air
dance in the air

to flutter, dance in the air, dance in the wind
to flutter
dance in the air
dance in the wind

fly, flying; glide in the air; hover in the air
fly, flying
glide in the air
hover in the air

to glide; gliding movement
to glide
gliding movement

soaring, hovering, circle in the air, fly high in the air
circle in the air
fly high in the air

fly afar together; fly wing to wing
fly afar together
fly wing to wing

a pair of lovebirds, two lovebirds flying ever together
a pair of lovebirds
two lovebirds flying ever together

fly together; fly wing to wing; harmonious couple; husband and wife live happily together
fly together
fly wing to wing
harmonious couple
husband and wife live happily together


take off; lift-off; up in the air
take off
up in the air

fly over; advancing rapidly; leaps and bounds
fly over
advancing rapidly
leaps and bounds

very fast, fast like flying
very fast
fast like flying

flying immortal, flying celestial nymphs
flying immortal
flying celestial nymphs

fly to the heaven; flying Apsaras; flying celestial nymphs
fly to the heaven
flying Apsaras
flying celestial nymphs

ascension; go up to heaven; ascend to heaven; raised to the skies
go up to heaven
ascend to heaven
raised to the skies

sky lantern, flying lantern
sky lantern
flying lantern

to fly; spread the wings; open out the wings; get ready for flight
to fly
spread the wings
open out the wings
get ready for flight


strong feather; powerful wings
strong feather
powerful wings

adept at flying; skilled at flying
adept at flying
skilled at flying

ride the clouds; reaching the clouds; lofty composition; soaring aspirations
ride the clouds
reaching the clouds
lofty composition
soaring aspirations

bird's-eye view; look down from a height
bird's-eye view
look down from a height

feathered tribe; winged species
feathered tribe
winged species

Birdman; a person who flies; a person who deals with birds
a person who flies
a person who deals with birds


flying birds
flying birds

Pegasus; flying horse
flying horse

flying fish
flying fish

flying fox
flying fox

flying tiger
flying tiger

flying dragon
flying dragon

flying saucer, UFO
flying saucer

UFO, flying saucer, unidentified flying object
flying saucer
unidentified flying object

fly, housefly
fly (insect)



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