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living forever; never dying or decaying;
a supernatural being who is worshipped by others,
or is a divinity or God in human form

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Chinese words for Fantasy, Legend, Mystery

god; deity; fairy, faerie; immortal being; celestial being in folklore
fairy, faerie
immortal being
celestial being in folklore

God; a god, deity; immortal, supernatural being
a god, deity
immortal, supernatural being

deity; celestial being; Taoist immortal; supernatural being
celestial being
Taoist immortal
supernatural being

immortal, god-man, supreme being
supreme being
extremely intelligent person

immortal; eternal life; live forever
eternal life
live forever

immortality, living forever, forever-young, enjoy a long, long life without getting old
living forever

practice Qigong; practice Taoist asceticism; practice internal alchemy in Taoist; cultivate vital energy and immortality
practice Qigong
practice Taoist asceticism
practice internal alchemy in Taoist
cultivate vital energy and immortality

flying immortal, flying celestial nymphs, celestial being in the sky
flying immortal
flying celestial nymphs
celestial being in the sky

fortuneteller, Taoist magician, half an immortal
Taoist magician
half an immortal

honeydew; sweet dew; amrita; the ambrosial drink granting immortality
sweet dew
the ambrosial drink granting immortality

legendary island of gods, fabled abode of immortals, ancient name of Formosa
legendary island of gods
fabled abode of immortals
ancient name of Formosa

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