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lose, lost
become unable to find;
no longer have something;
unable to find one's way;
that has been taken away or cannot be recovered

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lose; fail to
to lose
fail to

amnesia; memory loss; loss of memory
memory loss
loss of memory

lose, misplace; leave behind
to lose, misplace
to leave behind

to lose; toss; discard; throw away; leave aside
to lose
to toss
to discard
throw away
leave aside

to fall; drop; lose; come off
to fall
to drop
to lose
come off

to lose, be beaten
to lose, be beaten

lose or win; defeat or victory
lose or win
defeat or victory

good and harm; gains and losses; interest and disinterest; advantages and disadvantages
good and harm
gains and losses
interest and disinterest
advantages and disadvantages

to harm, damage; lose, decrease
to harm, damage
to lose, decrease

lose money in business
lose money in business

die, dead; flee; lost, gone
to die
to flee
lost, gone

to lose; a funeral
to lose
a funeral

failure; to lose, fail
to lose, fail

to fail, lose, owe
to fail, lose, owe

lose, be lost; unknown
to lose
be lost

anonymous; author unknown; unknown name; not identified by name
author unknown
unknown name
not identified by name

to lose, let out, leak out
to lose, let out, leak out

to be lost, confused
to be lost, confused

go astray; lose one's way
go astray
lose one's way

selfless, selflessness; oblivious of oneself; lose oneself in something; ecstasy without sensing the existence of oneself
oblivious of oneself
lose oneself in something
ecstasy without sensing the existence of oneself

to faint; lose consciousness; confused; muddle-headed
to faint
lose consciousness

to faint; fall into a coma; lose consciousness
to faint
fall into a coma
lose consciousness

widow; a woman who has lost her spouse by death and has not married again
a woman who has lost her spouse
by death and has not married again

to yearn for; cherish the memory of; have sweet memory of; longing for something that one has lost or been separated from
to yearn for
cherish the memory of
have sweet memory of
longing for something that
one has lost or been separated from

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