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a way in which a thing is done or happens;
a person's outward bearing or
way of behaving towards others

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rules; manners; well-behaved

courtesy, politeness, good manners
good manners

manner, general appearance
manner, general appearance

attitude, manner; state, status, situation
attitude, manner
state, status, situation

graceful bearing; elegant demeanor; dashing appearance; prepossessing manners
graceful bearing
elegant demeanor
dashing appearance
prepossessing manners

moral conduct, virtuous manners, exemplary conduct, morality and conduct
moral conduct
virtuous manners
exemplary conduct
morality and conduct

unparalleled elegance and talent, unmatched manner and deportment in generation
unparalleled elegance and talent
unmatched manner and deportment in generation

refined taste and manners, graceful and stylish in manner
refined taste and manners
graceful and stylish in manner

graceful in manner; refined and stylish; elegant and graceful; polished and charming
graceful in manner
refined and stylish
elegant and graceful
polished and charming

the way; a mode; a fashion; a way in which something is expressed or done
the way
a mode
a fashion
a way in which
something is expressed or done

friendly, amiable, affable, kind and pleasant, displaying a friendly and pleasant manner
kind and pleasant
displaying a friendly and pleasant manner

attitude; manner; one's point of view
one's point of view

thoughts, consideration; manner, bearing, tolerance
thoughts, consideration
manner, bearing, tolerance

awe-inspiring air; gallant and stately manner
awe-inspiring air
gallant and stately manner

heroic spirit; disposition of lofty manner
heroic spirit
disposition of lofty manner

temperament, manner of thinking, behaving, or reacting characteristic
manner of thinking, behaving,
or reacting characteristic

dignified air; imposing manner
dignified air
imposing manner

spiritual vigor, imposing manner
spiritual vigor
imposing manner

imposing manner, impression of strength
imposing manner
impression of strength

free and unfettered; wander in leisurely manner
free and unfettered
wander in leisurely manner

in a relaxed manner, leisurely and carefree
in a relaxed manner
leisurely and carefree

stand out among others, outstanding imposing manner
stand out among others
outstanding imposing manner

air, manner, expression; strength, energy, vigor
air, manner, expression
strength, energy, vigor

raise, lift up, manner, action, behavior
to raise, lift up
manner, action, behavior

dignified in manner, solemn and dignified
dignified in manner
solemn and dignified

prudent, discreet, circumspect; take careful precautions; do something in a serious manner
take careful precautions
do something in a serious manner

polite, modest, well-mannered

silent and flush, shy and timid manner
silent and flush
shy and timid manner

pettishly charming manner, behave in a spoiled manner
pettishly charming manner
behave in a spoiled manner

manner of dancing, turning round and round
manner of dancing
turning round and round

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