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a precise technique for resting the mind
and attaining a state of consciousness
that is totally different from the normal waking state

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deep meditation




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Chinese words for Kung Fu, Martial Arts

Zen, dhyana

meditation in Zen; deep meditation
meditation in Zen
deep meditation

practicing dhyana; comprehending of Zen; practice Zen Buddhist meditation; try to reach comprehension of dhyana
practicing dhyana
comprehending of Zen
practice Zen Buddhist meditation
try to reach comprehension of dhyana

sit in meditation; Zen meditation
sit in meditation
Zen meditation

Zazen; sit in meditation; seated meditation
sit in meditation
seated meditation

to meditate; sit still quietly; transcendental meditation
to meditate
sit still quietly
transcendental meditation

cross legs; sukhasana; sitting cross-legged
cross legs
sitting cross-legged

putuan; zafu cushion; rush cushion; cattail hassock
zafu cushion
rush cushion
cattail hassock

exhale and inhale; breathing in meditation; expiration and inspiration; exhalation and inhalation
exhale and inhale
breathing in meditation
expiration and inspiration
exhalation and inhalation

breathe, respire, respiration, breath; breathing, inhale and exhale
to breathe
to respire
breath; breathing
inhale and exhale


deep thought; deep meditation; to meditate; ponder in deep thought
deep thought
deep meditation
to meditate
ponder in deep thought

mindfulness meditation; concentrating the mind on breathing
mindfulness meditation
concentrating the mind on breathing

state of mind; meditative state; artistic conception; spiritual conception
state of mind
meditative state
artistic conception
spiritual conception

calm, stable; deep meditation
calm, stable
deep meditation

willpower; power of meditation
power of meditation

samadhi; deep meditation; entering samadhi; sit quietly and meditate
deep meditation
entering samadhi
sit quietly and meditate

commandment, meditation, wisdom - Threefold Training in Buddhism
commandment, meditation, wisdom
Threefold Training in Buddhism

samadhi achieved through meditation
achieved through meditation

isolate oneself for meditation; seclude oneself for qigong practice
isolate oneself for meditation
seclude oneself for qigong practice

demon of temptation; temptation of vile karma; evil spirit induced in meditation
demon of temptation
temptation of vile karma
evil spirit induced in meditation

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