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List of all related Chinese words in English keywords:

take part in a sport;
take part in a game;
to perform music on an instrument;
engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation

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play with, have fun; amuse oneself with; find pleasure in; cultivate for enjoyment
play with, have fun
amuse oneself with
find pleasure in
cultivate for enjoyment


doll, rag doll, toy figurine, snuggle doll
rag doll
toy figurine
snuggle doll


player; gamer

play cards, card playing, play mahjong
play cards
card playing
play mahjong

play ball game; play with a ball
play ball game
play with a ball

to pluck, play string instrument
to pluck, play string instrument

play piano or guitar; play string instruments by fingers
play piano or guitar
play string instruments by fingers

play music instruments
play music instruments

play music; perform music; strike up a tune; start to play music
play music
perform music
strike up a tune
start to play music

musical performance; performance of music; instrument performance
musical performance
performance of music
instrument performance

fingering; finger method; a manner or technique of using the fingers to play a musical instrument
finger method
a manner or technique of
using the fingers to
play a musical instrument

play music, audio, video
play music, audio, video

disguise as; dressed up as; play the part of
disguise as
dressed up as
play the part of

perform; act, play; drill, practice
to perform
to act, play
to drill, practice

to act, play; a show, perform, performance
to act
to play
a show

actor, actress; impersonator
actor, actress

leading role; title role; protagonist; major figure; leading character; major characters in a play, film, novel
leading role
title role
major figure
leading character
major characters in a play, film, novel

main actor; chief actor; leading actor; male title role
main actor
chief actor
leading actor
male title role

play, juggle, play tricks
to play
to juggle
play tricks

to tease; make fun of; play or trifle with
to tease
make fun of
play or trifle with

to play; have fun; to frolic; frisk; romp
to play
have fun
to frolic
to frisk
to romp

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