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something that is kept unknown or unseen by others

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secret, confidential; unknown, mysterious
secret, confidential
unknown, mysterious

secret, confidential

rhymed formula, secret recipe, a knack, tricks of the trade
rhymed formula, secret recipe
a knack, tricks of the trade

a knack, secret of success, tricks of the trade
a knack
secret of success
tricks of the trade

secret recipe
secret recipe

secret scroll; secret scripture of martial arts
secret scroll
secret scripture of martial arts

inside story; hidden secret; secrets behind
inside story
hidden secret
secrets behind

secret, confidential; dense, close, intimate
secret, confidential
dense, close, intimate

secret; classified; confidential

confidential, keep secret, maintain secrecy, keep confidential
keep secret
maintain secrecy
keep confidential

secret envoy, secret emissary, secret messenger
secret envoy
secret emissary
secret messenger

secret tricks, magic weapon
secret tricks
magic weapon

profound theory, unsolved mystery, mysterious principles, unspeakable secret
profound theory
unsolved mystery
mysterious principles
unspeakable secret

mysterious and profound, secret of doing something
mysterious and profound
secret of doing something

secret, knack
secret, knack

trick, knack, secret of success
secret of success

secret society; underworld gang
secret society
underworld gang

private, personal, secret, confidential
private, personal
secret, confidential

deep and remote; secluded, dim, secret, hidden
deep and remote
secluded, dim, secret, hidden


secretly, stealthy, stealthily

privately, secretly
privately, secretly

go secretly and quietly
go secretly and quietly

wait for the right time, keep secretly ready for the right time
wait for the right time
keep secretly ready for the right time

to shadow someone, follow and observe someone closely and secretly
to shadow someone
follow and observe someone closely and secretly

undercover, act from inside, involving secret work within a community or organization
act from inside
involving secret work
within a community or organization

spy, espionage, secret agent
secret agent

conspiracy, secret scheme
secret scheme

hold secretly
hold secretly

break a code, crack the code, solve a enigma, riddle
break a code
crack the code
solve a enigma, riddle
succeed in understanding something
that is written in a secret way

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