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lay hold of something with one's hands;
remove someone or something from a particular place

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get, take
to get
to take

take, seize; hold, grasp
to take, seize
to hold, grasp

to grab, grasp, seize; take something quickly in hand
to grab
to grasp
to seize
take something quickly in hand

take over; take with the hand
take over
take with the hand

to adopt, take in; to accept, receive
to adopt, take in
to accept, receive

to haul, take, lift, carry bag, baggage
to haul, take
to lift, carry
(bag, baggage)

take along; bring along
take along
bring along

to carry; take along; bring along
to carry
take along
bring along

to bring, carry, take
to bring, carry, take

take out, take away; takeout, takeaway
take out
take away

take out; pull something out; fish out from pocket
take out
pull something out
fish out from pocket

to rob, snatch; take by force
to rob
to snatch
take by force

seize, wrest, take away by force
to seize
to wrest
take away by force

captive; to take prisoner
to take prisoner

to capture; take captives
to capture
take captives

a captive; take as prisoner
a captive
take as prisoner

to detain; take into custody
to detain
take into custody

to detain; take into custody
to detain
take into custody

to catch; to take
to catch
to take

to move; take away
to move
take away

take with fingers; a pinch of
take with fingers
a pinch of

to photograph; take a photo, shoot
to photograph
take a photo, shoot

to take, bear
to take, bear

to go, take, proceed
to go, take, proceed

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