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speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings;
have formal dealings or discussions;
converse or communicate by spoken words

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talk (1-character Chinese symbols)










say; talk; speak
to say
to talk
to speak

dialogue; conversation; take part in a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem
take part in a conversation or
discussion to resolve a problem

interview; call on; confer with
to interview
to call on
to confer with

subject of a talk; topic of conversation
subject of a talk
topic of conversation

intimate words; heart-to-heart talk
intimate words
heart-to-heart talk

chat intimately; heart-to-heart talks
chat intimately
heart-to-heart talks

chi chat; talk freely; pleasant conversation; talk freely and to heart's content
chi chat
talk freely
pleasant conversation
talk freely and to heart's content

chat; small talk
to chat
small talk

reminisce; talk about old days; chat about old times
talk about old days
chat about old times

communication; communicate with; understand each other
communicate with
understand each other

discuss; discussion
to discuss

discuss; talk about; speak about
to discuss
talk about
speak about

eloquence; silver tongue; oratorical ability; persuasive in speaking
silver tongue
oratorical ability
persuasive in speaking


somniloquy; sleep talking; talking during sleep
sleep talking
talking during sleep

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