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the action of teaching a person or animal
a particular skill or type of behavior;

undertaking a course of exercise and diet
in preparation for a sporting event

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to train, teach, educate
to train, teach, educate

receive training
receive training

training, company training, employee training, in-company training
company training
employee training
in-company training

train up, cultivate
to train up
to cultivate

drill; training

practice, drill; train, exercise
to practice, drill
to train, exercise

foot drill, military drill, troop training, army training, training soldiers
foot drill
military drill
troop training
army training
training soldiers

to drill; exercise
to drill
to exercise

drill; exercise; maneuver; training exercises; military exercises
training exercises
military exercises

to forge; temper; steel and temper; hammer into shape; harden and strengthen
to forge
to temper
steel and temper
hammer into shape
harden and strengthen

thoroughly tempered; steeled over and over again; tempering and steeling of life; severe training and hammering
thoroughly tempered
steeled over and over again
tempering and steeling of life
severe training and hammering

strict training; exercise stringently; practice martial art abidingly
strict training
exercise stringently
practice martial art abidingly

practice hard; exercise diligently
practice hard
exercise diligently

ascetic practice; self-mortification; lead an ascetic life
ascetic practice
lead an ascetic life

commandment, meditation, wisdom - Threefold Training in Buddhism
commandment, meditation, wisdom
Threefold Training in Buddhism

coach; sports coach; athletic instructor
sports coach
athletic instructor

military coach; military drill master; a person who instructs or trains a military team
military coach
military drill master
a person who instructs
or trains a military team

strict teacher; severe teacher; a teacher who practices firm discipline and severe training
strict teacher
severe teacher
a teacher who practices
firm discipline and severe training


discipline, raining to obey rules
training to obey rules

ethical training; moral education
ethical training
moral education

to cultivate; foster; train up; built up the ability; nurture and educate; develop and improve
to cultivate
to foster
train up
built up the ability
nurture and educate
develop and improve

specialist, learned person, trained person, a person trained in certain fields
learned person
trained person
a person trained in certain fields

speciality; professional; specialized field; a job that requires special training
specialized field
a job that requires special training

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