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a plant or part of a plant used as food

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Chinese words for Food, Cooking, Eating

vegetable, greens
vegetable, greens

vegetables and fruits
vegetables and fruits

greens; vegetables

vegetables, greens; a dish, course
vegetables, greens
a dish, course

olitory; kitchen garden; vegetable garden
kitchen garden
vegetable garden

to stir-fry; saute vegetables
to stir-fry
saute vegetables

Gai lan; Chinese kale; Chinese broccoli
Gai lan
Chinese kale
Chinese broccoli

leaf mustard; mustard greens; Chinese mustard; green mustard cabbage
leaf mustard
mustard greens
Chinese mustard
green mustard cabbage

Chinese cabbage
Chinese cabbage

kimchi; pickled vegetables
pickled vegetables

salted vegetables; pickled vegetables
salted vegetables
pickled vegetables


organic; production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals
production without the use of
chemical fertilizers, pesticides,
or other artificial chemicals

vegetarian; vegetarian diet
vegetarian diet

vegetarian regimen; practice vegetarian; to be a vegetarian; abstain from eating meat
vegetarian regimen
practice vegetarian
to be a vegetarian
abstain from eating meat

be a vegetarian; practice vegetarianism; eat a vegetarian diet
be a vegetarian
practice vegetarianism
eat a vegetarian diet

salad - phonetic translation
(phonetic translation)

vegetable oil; an oil derived from plants
vegetable oil
an oil derived from plants

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