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Index of Chinese Phrases and Vocabulary
with mp3 audio pronunciations and related video instruction lesson


a book

a bowl

a cloud

a copy, a volume

a cup of

a cup of coffee

a drop of water

a flower

a glass of

a glass of water

a little bit

a little bit, a bit of

a little more time

a lot of something; loads of

a pair

a pair of shoes

a pair of very good walking shoes

a pair of walking shoes

a plate

abandon; let go; give up

abdomen; belly

abide by; obey

abide by; proceed along

ability; capability

ability; talent; endowment

ability of a person

able; capable

able to; good at

able-bodied man


abominable; very bad

about (video)

about; around; approximately

about to; arrive at

about to; going to

About the latest news..

about the news of typhoon

above (video)

above all; most of all; especially

abrupt; sudden; unprepared

abruptly; suddenly

abstain from; quitting

abstain from meat, wine, etc.; to fast


abstruse; profound

absurd; irrational; presumptuous

absurd; ridiculous

absurd theory; fallacy; misconception


abundant; bountiful

abundant; copious

abundant; plentiful

abuse; maltreat

abyss; deep pool

accent; intonation

accept; acceptance

accept; receive (shou1,4, Mandarin pinyin practice)

accept; receive (na, Mandarin pinyin practice)

accept willingly

accommodate both demands (Chinese idiom)


accompany; stay with someone

accomplish; finish

according to

according to; because of

according to; such as

according to what some say

account; household


accumulate bit by bit slowly

accumulate energy

accumulate energy bit by bit

accumulate energy slowly

accumulate slowly

accumulating drops of water becomes a river

accurate; precise

accustomed to; used to

accumulate; cumulative

accumulate; pile up


accuse wrongly

ache; aching

ache; pain

achieve fame; become famous

achievement; work

aching of limbs; muscular pains

achieve both goals (Chinese idiom)

acid; sour

across; go beyond

act; carry out

act; do; carry out

act mischievously; clowning around

actual; practical

active member of a team

acupuncture point

acute; severe

acute; sharp; keen


add; increase (jia, Mandarin pinyin practice)

add; increase (zeng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

add and subtract (jia, Mandarin pinyin practice)

add and subtract (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

add salt

add sugar

adequate; well off

adhibit; glue; stick


adjacent; near

adjust; tune

administer; manage

admire; esteem; respect

admire; covet; envy

admire; look at (something attractive) with pleasure

admission ticket (piao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

admission ticket (quan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

admit; acknowledge

admit; confess (tan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

admit; confess (chen, Mandarin pinyin practice)

admonish; advise and urge

admonish; reprove severely

adolescent girl; young girl

adorable; cute

adore; esteem

adorn; decorate

advancement; progress

advantage; advantageous

advantageous; favorable; beneficial


adult male


adventure; venture

adverse wind; unfavorable wind


affair; thing; matter

affecting; moving; touching


afraid; fear; dread

afraid; timid

affection; sentiment

affinity; rapport

affirm; approve

afresh, anew

after; behind

After extreme bad luck, comes good luck. (Chinese idiom)

again (video)

again; furthermore

again; once again


against; oppose

against the wind; contrary wind

age (video)

age (of a person)

agile; adroit; nimble

agile; swift

agitate; harass; disturb

agitate; stimulate

agree; consent

agree with; approve of

agreeable; cheerful; pleasant

agriculture; farming

agriculture land; farmland

ah; oh (a, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ah; oh (o, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ah; oh (ya, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ahead (video)

ahead; before; earlier

ahead; front side

aid; assist; help

aid; help; rescue

aim; set sight on

air (breathing)

air conditioning

air; sky

air cooler; fan

air turbulence; wind shear

aircraft hold


akward; embarrassed

alarm clock

alcoholic drink; wine; liquor

alert; warn

alert; wary; vigilant; watchful

algae; water plants

alike; same; equal

alike; similar (lei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

alike; similar (si, Mandarin pinyin practice)

alike; similar (xiang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

alive; live


all; altogether

all; each and every

all; together

all, every

all; whole

all corners of the mortal world

all over; everywhere

all right, okay

All satisfied. (Chinese idiom)

all the same

all the same (dou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

all well and safe

alliance; covenant

alligator; crocodile

allow; approve

allow; let

allow; let be

allow; permit (rong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

allow; permit (yun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

allow; permit (zhun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

allow me; let me do it

allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of

allure; lure; entice; tempt

alluring; glamorous; sensational

ally; unite

ally with; join together

almsgiving; give alms


alone; orphaned

alone; single

alone; solitary

along; go along; follow

also; too (yi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

also; too (ye, Mandarin pinyin practice)

alter; change (bian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

alter; change (gai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

alternate; by turns

although; even if

aluminium (metal)


always and forever

altogether; common

ambition; aspiration

amicability; harmonious

amnesty; pardon

among; between

amorous; coquettish; flirtatious; sex appeal

amount; quantity; capacity

amuse; amusement

analogy; example

analyze; examine (pou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

analyze; examine (xi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

anarchy; chaos; disorder

anatomize; anatomy

ancestor; clan

ancestor; forebear

anchor of a ship

ancient monuments; historic spot

ancient times

and (video)

and; together with

and then become

anew, afresh

angel (video)

angel (shi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

angelic; glamorous

angelical; chaste

anger; angry

anger; hatred

anger against a common enemy

angle; corner

angry; displeased

angry; indignant

animadversion; comment (pi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

animadversion; comment (ping, Mandarin pinyin practice)

animal; beast

animosity; feud

animosity; hatred

ankle (the joint connecting the foot with the leg)

announce; declare; proclaim

annoyed; unhappy

annoyed; vexed and worried

annoyed with

anonymous; unknown name

another; other

answer; reply

answer a riddle; enigma breaking

ant (insect)

antelope; pronghorn

anticipate; expect


antler; horn


Any questions?

ape; anthropoid

ape; gorilla; chimpanzee

aperture; hole

apocalypse; end of the world


apologize, apology (qian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

appear; reveal

appear; show (lou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

appear; show (chu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

appearance; bearing

appearance; look

appearance; looks; facial expression

appellation; title

appetite of taste

applaud; clap hands

applaud; praise

apply; use; employ


appreciate; appreciation

apprentice; disciples; pupils

approach; hold together

appropriate; proper

approve; permit

approve of; out of choice

approve of (something or someone)

approximate; general

approximate; rough and round

approximately; generally


Arctic; North Pole

ardent; fierce

area; region

area; zone

argue; debate

argue; dispute; compete for

aristocrat; nobles

armed forces; troops

army; troops

aroma; fragrance

aroma; oder; smell

aromatic; fragrant

aromatic; fragrant; savory

arrange; arrangement

arrange; line up

arrange; sort

arrange in a line; line up

array of stars

arrest; catch

arrival, coming

arrival; reach at


arrive late; delay in arrival (chi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

arrive late; delay in arrival (dao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

arrive at; about to


Are you free right now?

arrogant; haughty; snobbish

arrogant; proud


art; craft

art; skill; method

article; commodity

artisan; craftsman

artwork; work of art

as; like; similar to

as if; seem

as it should be; of course

as soon as; once

as well as; further

ascend; climb

ascend and descend

ash; dust

ashamed; feel ashamed

ashamed; shameful

ashen; pale


ask; inquire after (xun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ask; inquire after (wen, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ask; sting by insect

ask for; demand

aspire after; yearn for

ass; jackass

assemble; combination

assign; dispatch; send a person


assist; assistance

assist; assistant

assistance, help

associate with

association; organization


astonished; surprised

astounded; dumbfounded

astringent; puckery taste

astute; clever; quick of apprehension

astute; shrewd

at (video)

at; in; on (yu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

at; in; on (zai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

at home

at that time; then

at the riverside

ATM machine

attach with a hook

attack (gong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

attack (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

attend; join

attend class; go to class

attention (video)


attentive; thoughtful; careful

attentive; thoughtful; considerate

attentiveness; interest; hobby

attitude; manner

attract; suck; inhale

attractive quality; glamor; charisma



aunt; auntie


auspicious; propitious

auspicious; propitious; good omen

auspicious day; propitious day


authority; power

automobile; motor vehicle


avail an opportunity

available, be free

available to all; widespread

avalanche (of snow)

average; equally

avert; avoid


avoid; dodge; duck out

avoid; evade

avoid; hide oneself

await; wait

award; prize

award; reward


awkward; embarrassed

awkward in movement or in handling things

awaken; wake

awake to Zen; enlighten

awaken; wake up

awakened to the truth

away from; distance

away from; part from

awe-inspiring; imposing

awe-inspiring posture; majestic-looking (Chinese idiom)

awesome; cool


awn; arista

awning; covering


axis (of rotation)

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