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Index of Chinese Phrases and Vocabulary
with mp3 audio pronunciations and related video instruction lesson


each; individually

each and every

each other (video)

each other (xiang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

each other; mutual

eagle; hawk; falcon



earlier; ahead; before


earn; obtain

earn money

earn money; make money

earnest; serious

earnest; sincere

earnest and patient in instructing

earnest money; initial payment

earth (5 elements)

Earth (opposite to Heaven)

earth; soil

earth; soil; ground

earthen jar (tan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

earthen jar (weng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

earthenware; pottery

earthquake (video)

earthquake (zhen, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ease; leisure

ease and verve; merry and lively


east, west, south, north

eastern; oriental


easy and comfortable

eat (video)

eat (chi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

eat; food

eat rice; have a meal

eat to the full

eat together

economical (of lifestyle)

economize; save

edacious; greedy for food

edge; side

edge; ridge

edible seaweed

edit; compilen

editing; compilation


educate; education


eel (fish)

effect; effectiveness

effective; efficacious

effective; operative


effort, exert oneself

efforts; great efforts

effrontery; rash; foolhardy


egg (dan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

egg; roe; ovum

eggs hatch chicks

egg rolls



Eight Trigrams; Bagua

either; or

eject; emit; shoot


elder brother (video)

elder brother (xiong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

elder brother; young man

eldest brother

elder brother's wife

elder; senior; old gentleman

elder sister

elder sister (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

electric; electricity

elegant; gentle; refined

elegant; graceful (ya, Mandarin pinyin practice)

elegant; graceful (ping, Mandarin pinyin practice)

elegant; graceful; beautiful

elephant (video)

elephant (xiang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

elephants are scared of mice

elevate; promote

elicit laughter; tease

eliminate; wash out

elixir of life; divine pill

elude; dodge

embrace; hug

embarrassed and guilty (can, Mandarin pinyin practice)


embellish; lubricate; moisten

embezzle; siphon off (money)

embrace; cuddle

embrace; hug; cuddle


embarrassed; awkward (ga, Mandarin pinyin practice)

embarrassed; awkward (jiong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

embarrassed; ill at ease

embarrassed and guilty


embarrassing; humiliating

embrace; bosom

embryo; fetus (pei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

embryo; fetus (tai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

emerald; jadeite

emergency rescue

emerging of memory (Chinese idiom)

eminent; outstanding

emit; give off

emit; spray; spurt

emperor (di, Mandarin pinyin practice)

emperor (huang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

emperor; imperial

empress; queen

employ; hire

employ; use; apply


empty; hollow

empty; void; hollow

enactments; legislation

enchanting; bewitching


encircle; enclose; surround; besiege

encircle; surround

enclosing wall

encompass; surround


encourage; hearten

end; conclude

end; finally

end; last; final

end of the world; apocalypse

endeavor; strive

endure; bear

endure; bear; stand

endure; hold out against

endure; suffer

endure; tolerate


enemy; bandit

enemy; opponent

energy (video)

energy; power

energetic and handsome

engage the service of; to hire

engrave; carve (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

engrave; carve (ke, Mandarin pinyin practice)

enigma; conundrum

enigma breaking; guessing game (cai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

enigma breaking; guessing game (mi, Mandarin pinyin practice)


enjoy a vacation; go vacationing

enjoy a vacation; spend one's holidays

enjoy leisure without restraint

enjoy oneself; have fun

enjoyable night; lovely night; beautiful night

enlarge; expand

enlighten; awake to Zen

enlighten; inspire

enlighten; teach

enlightened instantly; instant realisation

enlist; recruit

enormous; immense; bulky

enough (zu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

enough (gou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

entangled; entanglement


enter; get into

enter; import

enter; into

entertain; entertainment

entertain; treat well

entertain or treat hospitably

entertaining; interesting

enthusiasm; interest; willingness

enthusiast; fans

enthusiast; a wild fan

entice; seduceg

entomb; bury

Entrance (ru, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Entrance (kou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

entrap; defraud; swindle

entrap, ensnare or harm somebody

entrust; intrust

envious; jealousy

environment; circumstances

environment where the martial artists live

envoy; messenger


epidemic disease

epidemic; plague; pestilence


equal; same; alike

equally; average

equal; fair; peaceful

equal; together; uniform


equilibrium; balance

erase; delete

erect; stand

err; go wrong; make a mistake

error; mistake

erudite; broadly knowledgeable

escape; flee (tao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

escape; flee (dun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

escape; flee (cuan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

escape; get away

escape-proof net; net above and snare underneath

especial; special; particular; unusual

especially; particularly

espionage; spy

essence of something; soul


establish; build up

establish; open up; develop

establish; set up (she, Mandarin pinyin practice)

establish; set up (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

establish; set up (zhi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

estate; property

esteem; admire

esteem; adore

esteem; respect (zun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

esteem; respect (jing, Mandarin pinyin practice)


estimate; hide in one’s clothes

eternal; forever; permanent

eternal happiness

eternity; infinite time

ethereal and beautiful; graceful demeanor


etiquette; courtesy

Euro (currency)

Europe (ou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Europe (zhou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

evacuate; withdraw

evade; avoid

evade; dodge quickly

evaluate; estimate

even; level

even; smooth

even better

even more; further

even numbers

even though; in spite of

evening; night

evening glow; morning glow

eventually, finally

ever; once

every; each

every day; day-to-day

every day; each day; day-to-day

every kind of; various kinds


Everybody is happy. (Chinese idiom)

everybody is satisfied (Chinese idiom)

Everybody watch out


Everyone is very satisfied.

everywhere; all over

evidence; proof

evil; evil deeds

evil; bad luck; disadvantage

evil; vicious; wicked

evil consequences; trouble for the future

evil spirit

evil spirit; fierce god; malignant deity

evil star; malignant star (ancient Chinese myth)

evildoer; outlaw

exactly; just right to the moment

exaggerate; stretch the truth

exalt, extol; flatter, lavish praise

exam; test; quiz


examination paper; test paper

examine; inspect

examine oneself critically


example; analogy

example; exemplification

example; range

excavate; dig

exceed; surpass

excel in; skilled in; clever at


exceptional; special; particular; peculiar

exercise; sports; athletics

excessively talkative; garrulous

exchange; interchange

exchange; swap

excited; high-spirited

excited; thrilled


exclude; repulsion

exert oneself, effort


excuse; forgive; pardon

Excuse me

Excuse me, what's your name?

Excuse me, where can I find a convenience store?

Excuse me, where can I find a gas station?

Excuse me, where can I find a supermarket?

Excuse me, where can I find an ATM machine?


exercise; drill

exercise; practice

exert oneself; strenuously

exert oneself; work hard

exhale; cry out

exhibit; exhibition (zhan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

exhibit; exhibition (lan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

exhort; exert oneself to

exhort; urge someone earnestly

exist; existence

EXIT; export (chu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

EXIT; export (kou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

exit; out

exotic; barbarian

exotic; reckless

expand; develop

expand; enlarge

expand; inflate


expect; anticipate

expect; hope; yearn; long for

expectant mother; mother-to-be; pregnant woman

expel; force out

expel; oust

expense; wasteful

expensive; costly

expensive; high-placed


experienced; tough

experienced doer; old hand

expert; skilled hand

expert in; good at

expert in; know a language

explain; explanation

explode; blow up

expose; puncture

expose to sunlight

express delivery; special delivery

express felicitations

expressionless; stupid

exquisite; glorious; charming for woman

extend; expand

extend; stretch

extend; stretch forward

extensive; wide (bo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

extensive; wide (guang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

exterior; surface

exterminate; extinguish

exterminate; wipe out

external; exterior

external; outside; outer

extinction; die out

extinguish; eliminate

extinguish a fire; put out a fire

extinguish fire, light

extol; praise

extract by pressing

extraordinary; outstanding

extraordinary; remarkable

extravagant; luxurious

extreme; utmost

extreme sorrow turns to joy (Chinese idiom)

extremely; excessively

extremely enthusiastic; crazy

extremely large; big in stature


exuberant; luxuriant

exude sweat; to sweat

eye (yan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

eye (mu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

eyes bright and full of spirit (Chinese idiom)


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