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Index of Chinese Phrases and Vocabulary
with mp3 audio pronunciations and related video instruction lesson


pace; step

pace; walk slowly

pacify; soothe; feel relieved

packed; filled

packed with people

padded jacket

paddle; oar

paddle, to; row a boat

paddle a boat; row a boat

page; sheet

pain; ache

pain; painful

painstaking; hard-working

paint; daub; smear

paint; draw

painter (artist)


pair; correct

pair; suit; match; fit

pair; two; dual; couple

pair up; collocate


palace, temple

pale; ashen

palm of hand

palm, slap

pamper; spoil

pampered, lovable and fragile

pan; wok


pan-fry; stir-fry

pancreas (organ)

panic; nervous

pant; gasp

pant; gasp for air

panther; leopard

pants; trousers

papa; dad (classic dialect)

papa, father


paper towel; facial tissue

pardon; amnesty

pardon; forgive; excuse

pardon; forgive; spare

parents (video)

parents (mu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

parents; father and mother


parsimonious; niggardly; stingy

part from; away from

parterre; flower bed

partiality; favoritism

participate; participation

particular; peculiar; special; exceptional (te, Mandarin pinyin practice)

particular; peculiar; special; exceptional (shu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

particular about trifle (Chinese idiom)

partner; companion

partner; mate

pass; go across

pass (the test)

pass away; gone; die

pass over; hand over

pass through; undergo

past; former

past; former; outdated

past; former times; old days

past; formerly; bygone

past; yesterday

past events; bygones

past master; old hand

paste; stick on

pastry; cakes

pat; clap; hit with palm

path; way


patriotic; love one's country

patrol (xun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

patrol (luo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pause; halt

pause; immediately

pave; spread

pavilion; booth; kiosk

pawn shop (dang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pawn shop (pu, Mandarin pinyin practice)


pay attention; watch out

pay money

peace and good health

peaceful; serenity

peck (of bird)

peculiar and unexpected; quirky

peasant; farmer; husbandman



pass; spend time

pass; spread

pass the ball

pay a debt of gratitude

pay attention



peaceful; harmonious


peak; summit


peculiar; strange (qi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

peculiar; strange (guai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

peel; pare


pellet; small ball

pen; writing instrument

penalty; punishment; torture

penetrate; go through

penetrate; pass through

people (video)

people; civilian

people; person

people are getting old and then becoming old people


perfect and true gentleman

perform; handle

performance of music

perhaps; maybe

periodical; publication

permit; allow

permit; promise


perseverance; staying power


persist; insist (chi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

persist to the end

persist to the end and finally succeed


person of virtue; worthy person

person with unusual courage and ability

personal enemy; foe

perspicacious; profoundest

peruse; read; reading

pest; harmful insect


pet food; feeding stuffs

petty gain; small advantage

pharynx; throat



phoenix (feng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

phoenix; male phoenix

phoenixes beget phoenixes


photo frame; picture frame

physical comfort; feeling well

physically strong; brawny


pick; pluck (flower, fruit)

pick; select

pick up

pick up; hold with fingers

pickle; preserve with salt

pickpocket; steal from the pockets of someone


picky with someone to do something

picture; graph

picture frame; photo frame

piece; a chunk

piece; flake; slice

piece of writing

piece together; make a whole

pierce; prick; stab

pig (video)

pig (zhu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pig-like animal

pigen; dove


piggy staying in the house


pile up

pile up; accumulate

pillar; column


pinch; hold with fingers


pinhole; small hole

pink color

pink; powder

pipe; tube

pipe dream; fantasy

pistils of a flower

pit; hole in the ground

pitiful; pitiable

place; ground

place; location; position

plague; pestilence; epidemic

plain and simple (pu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

plain and simple (su, Mandarin pinyin practice)

plain cooked rice

plan; project

plan; scheme

plan; scheme

plan; scheme; strategy

plant; grow (zai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

plant; grow (zhi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

plant; grow (zhong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

plant nursery; garden

plants; vegetation

plantain; bababa

plaster; smear


plate; platter

plate; dish; disk; tray

plate; plaque; tablet

platform; stage

play; drama

play; have fun; enjoy oneself

play; perform

play (music instruments)

play ball

play guitar

play keyboard instrument

play music instruments

play piano

play string instrument with bow

play the flute

play violin

play wind instrument

play with; have fun

playing cards; cards of games

pleasantly surprised

pleasure; fun

pluck or play string instrument

pleasant; agreeable; cheerful

pleasant; delightful

pleasantly cool; cool and comfortable


Please be careful

Please come over for a moment.

Please do not disturb

Please forgive me.

Please give me

Please give me a cup of coffee.

Please give me a glass of water.

Please give me chopsticks

pleased; delighted; gratified

Please wait for a moment.

pleasing and delightful; sweet as honey

plentiful; abundant (ang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

plentiful; abundant (pei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

plentiful harvest; bumper crop

pliable; soft; supple

plow; to

pluck (fruit, flower)

plunder; pillage


pocket; bag

poem; poetry

point; dot

point at a target; aim

pointed; tapering

poised; generous


poisonous snake; viper

poke; jab


police; policeman

police officer

polish; rub; scrub

politeness; manners; courteous

political affairs

political party

polluted; contaminated


pond; pool

ponder; think over

pool money; club together; raise fund

poor; destitute

poor; pathetic

poor people

poplar tree

popular; fashionable (modern Chinese slang)

popularity ranking

popularity ranking; ranking of popularity



porridge of rice or millet

port; harbor


portrait; image

portray in words; describe

position; seat

positive; upright

post article/photo online

postal; mail



postpone; protract

posture; bearing; appearance

pot; kettle

pot; tub; basin

potato; yam

pottery; earthenware

pour into

pour out; inverse

pour tea

poverty; poor

power; authority

power; energy

power; legal rights

power; mighty power

power; strength

power and prestige; powerful and influence

power blackout, power outage

power of Buddha; Buddha dharma

powerful; strong

powerful; tough

practical; actual

practice (video)

practice; exercise

practiced; skilled

practice economy; retrench

praise; approve of (something or someone)

praise; applaud (kua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

praise; applaud (zan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

praise; extol

praise; extol; laud

praise; glorify

praiseworthy achievement; credit


pray; prayer

precious, treasure (bao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

precious, treasure (bei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

precious, treasure (zhen, Mandarin pinyin practice)

precise; accurate

predestined relationship; relation of fate

preferably; would rather


pregnant woman

prejudiced; biased


prepare a person's career

present; gift

present; now

present moment; right now

preserve; maintain

press down; keep down

press down; weigh on

press for; push for; urge

press from both sides

press-button; button of a switch

prestige; honor

presumptuous; absurd; irrational

presuppose; foresee; fortell


pretty; beautiful (mei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pretty; beautiful (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pretty and charming

pretty and coquettish

pretty and playful

pretty face

pretty wife

pretty woman

pretty woman; beautiful woman

prevail; predominate

prevalent; widespread; available to all

prevent; guard against

prevent; prevention

price; value

prick; pierce

pride, proud (ao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pride, proud (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

primitive and rough



principal; original

principle; rationality

principle; reason


prison; jail

private; personal

prize; award


proceed; move forward

proclaim; declare; announce

prodigal son


profession; line of business

profit; benefit

profound; abstruse

profound; secret

profuse; profusion

program; show

progress; advancement

progressively; gradually

prohibit from

prolix; tediously long

prolong; delay

prolong; extend

prominent; heroic; outstanding; remarkable

promise; commitment (cheng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

promise; commitment (nuo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

promote; elevate

prompt; rapid (kuai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

prompt; quick (xun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

prompt; quick (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pronghorn; antelope

proof; according to

proof; evidence (zheng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

proof; evidence (ju, Mandarin pinyin practice)

prop up; support

proper; appropriate (tuo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

proper; appropriate (yi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

propitious; auspicious (xiang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

propitious; auspicious (rui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

propitious; smooth going

propitious day; auspicious day

prosper; issue

prosper; thrive

prosperity; mortal beneficiary

prosperous (chang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

prosperous (heng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

prosperous; booming

prosperous; flourishing

prosperous; flourishing financially

prosperous; successful in business

prosperous; thriving

prostrate oneself; lie prone

protect (bao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

protect (hu, Mandarin pinyin practice)


proud; arrogant


provisional; temporary

provisions; food provisions

provoke; tease

prudent; cautious (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

prudent; cautious (shen, Mandarin pinyin practice)


psychic medium; spiritual medium

public; fair

publish (ban, Mandarin pinyin practice)

publish (kan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

puckery taste; astringent

puff; blow

pull; drag

pull; drag; seize; clutch

pull along; lead along

pull apart

pull apart; pull away

pull apart with hands

pull; chat

pull out

pull out; take out

pulp, flesh of melon

pulp of fruit


punch a holee

puncture; expose

puncture points; acupoints

pungent; spicy; hot


pupa; chrysalis (insect)

pupil of the eye


puppet; idol


puppy grows up and becomes a big dog

puppy is lying beside me.

purchase; buy (gou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

purchase; buy (mai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pure; genuine

pure of heart


purple; violet

pursue (video)

pursue; chase after

pursue; chase; run after

pursuit of dreams

push (door)

push a button

push down


put, arrange

put in order; arrange

put in order; manage

put on; wear

put on the chair

put on the table

put out a fire; extinguish a fire

Put the bag on the chair.

Put the cellular phone on the table.

put things in order

put together; sum up

putrid; decompose; rotten

puzzle; bewilder

puzzle; riddle

puzzle pieces; jigsaw puzzle

python; serpent

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