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12 Chinese zodiac animals

5 elements

Chinese numbers 0-100


ā, á, ǎ, à Mandarin pinyin tunes

abominable; very bad

a book

a bowl

according to

according to what some say

accommodate both demands (Chinese idiom)

accumulate; cumulative

accumulate; pile up

a cloud

a copy, a volume

a cup of

a cup of coffee


achieve both goals (Chinese idiom)

acute; severe

adorable; cute

advancement; progress

advantage; advantageous

advantageous; favorable; beneficial

a drop

a drop of water

a flower

a glass of

a glass of water

a little bit

a little bit, a bit of

a little more time

a lot of something; loads of

a pair

a pair of shoes

a pair of very good walking shoes

a pair of walking shoes

a plate

abdomen; belly

ability of a person

able to; good at

able-bodied man



about to; arrive at

about to; going to

About the latest news..

about the news of typhoon


abstain from; quitting



abundant; bountiful

abundant; plentiful

accent; intonation

accept; acceptance


accomplish; finish

account; household


accumulate bit by bit slowly

accumulate energy

accumulate energy bit by bit

accumulate energy slowly

accumulate slowly

accumulating drops of water becomes a river

accustomed to; used to

achievement; work

active member of a team


add; increase

add and subtract (jia, Mandarin pinyin practice)

add and subtract (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

add salt

add sugar

adequate; well off

adjacent; near

adore; esteem

administer; manage

admission ticket

admit; confess


adult male

adventure; venture


affecting; moving; touching


afraid; timid

affection; sentiment

affirm; approve

afresh, anew

after; behind



against; oppose

age (video)

age (of a person)

agile; swift

agitate; stimulate

agree; consent

ah; oh


ahead; front side

āi, ái, ǎi, ài Mandarin pinyin tunes

air (breathing)

air conditioning

air; sky

air turbulence; wind shear


akward; embarrassed

alert; warn

alike; similar

alive; live


all; altogether

all; each and every

all, every

all; whole

all corners of the mortal world

all right, okay

All satisfied. (Chinese idiom)

all the same

all the same (dou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

all well and safe

alligator; crocodile

ally; unite

ally with; join together


alone; orphaned

alone; solitary

alter; change (bian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

alter; change (gai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

alternate; by turns

aluminium (metal)


always and forever

altogether; common

amicability; harmonious

among; between

amount; quantity; capacity

ān, ǎn, àn Mandarin pinyin tunes

anarchy; chaos; disorder

anchor of a ship

ancient monuments; historic spot

ancient times


and then

and then become

anew, afresh

āng, áng, ǎng, àng Mandarin pinyin tunes


angelic; glamorous

angelical; chaste

anger; hatred

anger against a common enemy

angle; corner

angry; displeased

angry; indignant

animosity; feud

animosity; hatred

ankle (the joint connecting the foot with the leg)

annoyed; vexed and worried

annoyed with

another; other

answer; reply

answer a riddle; enigma breaking

antelope; pronghorn

anticipate; expect


antler; horn


Any questions?

āo, áo, ǎo, ào Mandarin pinyin tunes

aperture; hole


apologize (qian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

apology (qian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

appear; show

appear; show up

appellation; title

appetite of taste

applaud; praise

approach; hold together

approve; permit

approve of (something or someone)

approximate; general

approximate; rough and round

approximately; generally

Arctic; North Pole

ardent; fierce

area; region

area; zone

argue; debate

aristocrat; nobles

armed forces; troops

army; troops

aroma; fragrance

aromatic; fragrant

arrange; line up

arrange; sort

array of stars

arrest; catch

arrival, coming

arrival; reach at


arrive late; delay in arrival (chi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

arrive late; delay in arrival (dao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

arrive at; about to


Are you free right now?

arrogant; proud


artisan; craftsman

as soon as; once

as well as; further

ascend; climb

ascend and descend

ash; dust

ashamed; shameful

ask; sting by insect

aspire after; yearn for

ass; jackass


assistance, help

associate with


astounded; dumbfounded

astute; shrewd


at home

at that time; then

at the riverside

ATM machine

attach with a hook

attack (gong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

attack (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

attend class; go to class


attractive quality; glamor; charisma



aunt; auntie

auspicious day; propitious day

authority; power

automobile; motor vehicle


avail an opportunity

available, be free

avalanche (of snow)

average; equally

avert; avoid


avoid; evade

avoid; hide oneself

await; wait

award; prize


awkward; embarrassed

awaken; wake up

awakened to the truth

away from; distance

away from; part from

awe-inspiring; imposing

awe-inspiring posture; majestic-looking (Chinese idiom)

awesome; cool

awn; arista



bā, bá, bǎ, bà, ba Mandarin pinyin tunes

back; return (fan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

back; return (hui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

back of the body

back up a car

backing; support


bacteria; germs

bad; inferior quality

bad; mean

bad; wicked (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

bad; wicked (e, Mandarin pinyin practice)

bad; wicked (huai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

bad girl

bad weather

Bad weather today


bag; pocket (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Bagua; Eight Trigrams

bāi, bái, bǎi, bài Mandarin pinyin tunes



bake; roast

bake; roast; toast

baked pancake; naan bread

balance; equilibrium

ball; sphere

ballad, song

balmy; fragrance

bamboo basket

bamboo flute

bamboo grove

bān, bán, bǎn, bàn Mandarin pinyin tunes


banana (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

bandit; enemy

bandit; outlaw

bandit; robber

bāng, báng, bǎng, bàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

bāo, báo, bǎo, bào Mandarin pinyin tunes

barbecue; roast meat

Barbie (female name)

bare; scarlet



bargain price; moderate prices

bargain price; special price

barge into; venture out into the world

bark (of a dog)

barren; scarcity

base; foundation


basic; fundamental


basket; bamboo basket

basketball (lan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

basketball (qiu, Mandarin pinyin practice)


bawl someone out

Be careful


bean curd; tofu

bear; endure

bear; undertake

beard; moustache

beard; whiskers

beat; strike (da, Mandarin pinyin practice)

beat; strike (ke, Mandarin pinyin practice)

beat drums

beat a drum; drumming

beat with a fist

beautiful; good

beautiful; pretty (mei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

beautiful; pretty (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

beautiful face

beautiful girl

beautiful woman; pretty woman


Because I am very busy

Because I have found you

Because my wallet was lost

Because nobody knows why.


become ill

become rich




before; front

before and after; front and behind

behind; after

behind bars; imprisoned

beg; beseech

beg piteously


begin, start


beginning of; initial


behind, at the back

bēi, béi, běi, bèi Mandarin pinyin tunes

Beijing; Peking

being (doing)

believe firmly; devoutly believe in

bell; small bell

belly; abdomen

below; under

beloved wife

belt; bring

bēn, bén, běn, bèn Mandarin pinyin tunes


beneficial; advantageous; favorable

benefit; favor

benefit; profit

benevolence; favor; kindness

bēng, béng, běng, bèng Mandarin pinyin tunes

berry; berries (fruit)


besieged; stranded; trapped

best of both worlds (Chinese idiom)

best of the best


better; even better

between; among


bewilder; to puzzle

bewildered; confused

bī, bí, bǐ, bì Mandarin pinyin tunes

biān, bián, biǎn, biàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

biāo, biáo, biǎo, biào Mandarin pinyin tunes

Bible; Holy Bible

biē, bié, biě, biè Mandarin pinyin tunes


big (da, Mandarin pinyin practice)

big and small

big city

Big Dipper, Ursa Major constellation

big dog

big shot; high profile person

bigger than you

billows; waves

bīn, bín, bǐn, bìn Mandarin pinyin tunes

bind; bundle up

bind; tie up

bīng, bíng, bǐng, bìng Mandarin pinyin tunes


bird cage

bird nest


birth (dan, Mandarin pinyin practice)


birthday gift

biscuit; cookie

bit by bit, little by little

bite by insect


black; dark

black and white

black cat

blazing fire; violent fire

blend; mix (ban, Mandarin pinyin practice)

blend; mix (hun, Mandarin pinyin practice)


blind love; foolish passion

blind people

block; ward off

block up

block up; close

blow; puff

blow air


blue color

blush; blushing

bō, bó, bǒ, bò Mandarin pinyin tunes

board; slab

boast; exaggerate

boat; ship


Body, Mind, Soul

boil for a long time


bold to do things hastily

bold and unconstrained

bold and valiant


bone ash; cremains


booking; reserve a seat

bookrack; bookshelf

booming; prosperous

border; frontier


bored; depressed; melancholy


born as twins


borrow (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

borrow and return

borrow from him

borrow from me

borrow money

borrow money (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

bosom; embrace

both; two

bother; trouble



boundless and indistinct

bountiful; abundant

bountiful feast


bow and arrow

bow gesture

bow gesture of respect

bow in salute; kowtow in salute



branch off

brand; mark with a branding iron

bravery; courage

break; decide

break down; broken

break; creak

break down

break down; out of order

break record; record-breaking

break the law

breathe; breathing

breeze; gentle wind

bridegroom; groom

brief; simple

bright; clear

bright; shining; well-illuminated

brilliant rays; rays of light


brothers (di, Mandarin pinyin practice)

brave; courageous

brawny; physically strong

break apart by chopping


brigand; bandit

bright; shining

bright and beautiful

bright and piercing of eyes (Chinese idiom)

brightness and darkness

brilliance; splendor

bring; belt

bring back to life; resurrect

broad; wide (kuan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

broad; wide (kuo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

broaden the scope

broadly knowledgeable; erudite

broken; break down

brutal; uncivilized

bū, bú, bǔ, bù Mandarin pinyin tunes

buckle; hook up

buffoon; clown

bug; worm

build; construct


Buddha dharma; power of Buddha


Buddhist enlightenment

Buddhist statue

build; construct

build; match

build up; establish

building; house


bullshit; nonsense

bump; move or travel with much jolting

bumper crop; plentiful harvest

bundle; bunch

burden; undertake




bushy; weedy

business firm

business is booming; rapid economic growth

busy (video)

busy; fully occupied


but; decline

but it is; nevertheless




buy; purchase (gou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

buy; purchase (mai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

buy and sell

by means of; rely on

by the door

by the lakeside

by the roadside

by the side

by turns; alternate





cakes; pastry

calamities; disasters


call (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

call; to name (cheng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

call; knock

called, named

call, give a name

call me

call for help; Mayday

callous; heartless

calm; cool-headed

calm; set

calm and collected; cool and calm

calm and unhurried


camping by the lakeside


can to

can, know how

can; jar

can; may

can't bear; can't stand




canine; dog

canned food

canon; ceremony

cap; headgear

capacity; amount; quantity

capital city

capital of a country

capitulate; succumb to

capsicum; red pepper

captain of a team; team leader

car; vehicle

car accident; traffic accident


care about; to mind

care for; highly favored

care for; look after



careful to do things slowly

cargoes; goods

carp (fish)


carry on the shoulder

carry on with; keep on

carve; engrave (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

carve; engrave (ke, Mandarin pinyin practice)

carve out a niche for oneself


casino; gambling house

casual; unrestrained

cat (video)

cat (mao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

catch sight of

cats chasing mice

Cats like to chase mice.

catch; capture

catch birds with a net


cause and effect; karma

cause to smile

caution; warning

cautious; prudent

cave; hole


cease, quit (ba, Mandarin pinyin practice)

cease, quit (chuo, Mandarin pinyin practice)


celebrate birthday

cellular phone

censer (for burning incense)

centre; middle

ceremonious; formal and dignified


ceremony; canon

ceremony to celebrate

certain; confident

certainly; of course

chā, chá, chǎ, chà Mandarin pinyin tunes

chāi, chái, chǎi, chài Mandarin pinyin tunes



chairman of the company board

chat; talk informally



chān, chán, chǎn, chàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

chance, opportunity

chance, opportunity (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

chāng, cháng, chǎng, chàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

change; alter

change; leather

change; transform

change; variation

Changjiang River; Yangtze River

chāo, cháo, chǎo, chào Mandarin pinyin tunes

chaos; disorder; anarchy

characterized by peculiar traits; quirky

charisma; charm

charming; fascinating

charming wife

charred; scorched


chaste; angelical


chat; gossip (che, Mandarin pinyin practice)

chē, ché, chě, chè Mandarin pinyin tunes

check; examine; inspect

cheek (of the face)

cheerful; happy; joyful

cheerful; joyful; happy

cheerful; joyous

chef; culinary artist

Chen, Chinese surname

chēn, chén, chěn, chèn Mandarin pinyin tunes

chēng, chéng, chěng, chèng Mandarin pinyin tunes

cherish the memory of; yearn for

cherished thing; darling baby

chew; munch; masticate

chew carefully and swallow slowly(Chinese idiom

chī, chí, chǐ, chì Mandarin pinyin tunes


chicken (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

chicken egg

chicken meat

chicken meat (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)


child (hai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

child; son

child is fishing by the river

childbirth; manufacture


Children grow up and become adults.

Children like to listen to her stories.

chili pepper

chili pepper; hot pepper

chilly; wintry

Chinese (language)

Chinese dumplings; water dumplings

Chinese martial art; kung fu

Chinese mile (half kilometer)

Chinese New Year; Spring Festival

Chinese unicorn; kylin

Chinese writing brush

Chinese Birth Years


chōng, chóng, chǒng, chòng Mandarin pinyin tunes

chop; hack off

chop firewood

chop off

chop off; break apart by chopping


chopsticks (kuai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

chōu, chóu, chǒu, chòu Mandarin pinyin tunes

chow mein; fried noodles

chrysanthemum flower

chū, chú, chǔ, chù Mandarin pinyin tunes

chuāi, chuái, chuǎi, chuài Mandarin pinyin tunes

chuān, chuán, chuǎn, chuàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

chuāng, chuáng, chuǎng, chuàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

chuī, chuí, chuǐ, chuì Mandarin pinyin tunes

chūn, chún, chǔn, chùn Mandarin pinyin tunes

chuō, chuó, chuǒ, chuò Mandarin pinyin tunes



circle; loop

circumspect; discreet

circumstances; environment

citizen of a particular country



clamour; noisy

class; course; lesson

class; rank

class; working shift

classic books; scripture

classical music

clean; neat and tidy

clean; virtuous

clean away; weed out


clear; clean up

clear, limpid water

clear; obvious (chu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

clear; obvious (qing, Mandarin pinyin practice)

clear a wild area for cultivation

clear sky; cloudless (qing, Mandarin pinyin practice)

clear sky; cloudless (lang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

clever; coincidence

clever; quick

clever and keen

clever and well-behaved

client; customer

climb; ascend

climb a mountain; mountaineering


clip tightly

clippers; shears

close; block up

close; intimate

close; near

close; turn off

close down (business)

close down; shut down

close friend

close relative; near relative

close the door


clown; buffoon

clumsy; foolish

coal (fuel)

coast, shore

coax; wheedle


coexist; survive together



coincidence; clever


cold-blooded; hardhearted


collapse (beng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

collapse (kua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

collapse; nervous breakdown

collapse; topple

collect; gather (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

collect; gather (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

collocate; pair up

color of skin; skin color (race)

colossus; giant

combat; fight (bo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

combat; fight (dou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

combine; unite


come; coming

come across; meet

come and go

come back; recover

come back to former glory; revival


coming, arrival

come back

come face to face; meet

come to see someone; visit

come true


command; direct

command; mandate; order

commandment; monastic discipline

commandment; religious discipline

commend; compliment

commit a crime

commitment; promise

common mortal; ordinary people

commonplace; ordinary

common; altogether

common; ordinary

common interest

communicate; communications


companion; intimate partner

companion; partner


compare (bi Mandarin pinyin practice)

compare (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

compel to; force to

compelling attractiveness; charisma

compete; contest

complete destruction; doom

complete in both respects (Chinese idiom)

competition; contention

composed; imperturbable; self-possessed


comprehend; comprehension



concept; general idea


concern; consider

concerned; feel concern about

conch; spiral shell

conclude; end


condemn someone

condition; situation

conducive to the expression of love

confess; admit

confidential; keep secret

confined; restrained

conflict; serious disagreement

conflict inside a group

confront; to face

confused; bewildered

confused; lost

congratulate; felicitate


connect; link (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

connect; link (lian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

connect; string together

conscience; moral sense


consent; agree


constant; usually


content; fulfilling

continent; continental

continually; lasting

construct; build (da, Mandarin pinyin practice)

construct; build (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

contact; touch

contact with; consult with

contact with; in harmony

contact with; touch with

contain; include


continue; carry on with; keep on

continue to pursue dreams


contrary; opposite

contribute; donate

contribute money; donate money


control; manage

control oneself; forbear

conundrum; enigma

convenient; convenience

convenience store

cook; chef

cooked rice

cooking pot

cookie; biscuit

cool (temperature)

cool; awesome

cool; inspiring awe

cool and calm; calm and collected

cool and comfortable; pleasantly cool

cooperate; cooperation

coordination; put things in order

cope with; face up

coquettish; flirtatious

coquettish; seductive appearance

corner; angle

correct; pair

correct path; right way

correct path; right way; decent way

costly; expensive


cotton flower

cotton-padded jacket


Could you please..

counseling; guidance

counterfeit; imitate

country; nation

courage; bravery

courage; gallbladder


courageous; brave

courteous; politeness; manners

courteous and refined in manner (man)

courtesy; etiquette

cover; lid


cowardly; timid

cowrie; conch; seashell

craftsman; artisan

crafty; foxy

cramp; muscular spasm


crave for; long for

crazy; extremely enthusiastic

crazy; insane

crazy; mad

crazy about (ha, Mandarin pinyin practice)

cream; ointment

creak; break


credit; praiseworthy achievement

cremains; bone ash

crest line of the mountains

crippled; lame (bo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

crippled; lame (que, Mandarin pinyin practice)

crippled lag

crocodile; alligator

cross river or ocean

crossing the bridge


crouch by the door

crouch down; squat

crowd; group of people

crowded with people


crucial importance

crude and impetuous


cruel; ruthless


cry; sob; weep

cry out; shout

cry out aloud

crystal; rock crystal

crystal-clear; limpid

cuddle; hug; embrace

cultivate land; reclaim wasteland

cultivate soil; till the land

cumulative; accumulate

cunning; sly

cup, mug

cure; heal

cure a disease; medical treatment

curious; inquisitive


curly hair; wavy hair



customer; client

cut; deduct

cut; slice

cut in; break into a conversation

cut into cubes

cut meat

cut off

cut with scissors

cut with a saw

cute; adorable

cuts and bruises; scar of wound

cutting edge of sword


dā, dá, dǎ, dà Mandarin pinyin tunes


dad; papa (classic dialect)

dad and mom (classic)

dāi, dái, dǎi, dài Mandarin pinyin tunes

damp; humid

dān, dán, dǎn, dàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

dāng, dáng, dǎng, dàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

danger; trouble

dāo, dáo, dǎo, dào Mandarin pinyin tunes

dark; darkness


dart; javelin

dam, dike


dancing on the stage


dare to


dark or light; thick or thin

darling baby; cherished thing

dash; forge ahead


day; daybreak

day-to-day; every day

days to come; future

dark, darkness

dauntless and unyielding man; tough guy

dē, dé, dě, dè, de Mandarin pinyin tunes

dead and stiff

dead of winter; severe winter

deadly enemy; nemesis


dear; intimate


debt of gratitude; grace

decayed; rotten

deceive, lie

deceive people

decide; break

decide; determine

decency; morality

decent way; right way; correct path

decline; but

decompose; rotten; putrid

decrease; lessen

decrease; subtract

deduct; cut

deep and shallow

deeply concerned at heart (Chinese idiom)

deeply touched; sigh emotionally




defend; protect

deficient; deficiency

deficient; lack

deficient in; lack

deficit; loss

definite; sure

defraud; swindle; entrap

dēi, déi, děi, dèi Mandarin pinyin tunes

delay in arrival; arrive late

delightful; pleasant

delay; impeded

delay; indulge

delay in arrival; arrive late

delayed; late

delicate, tender, and lovely

deliver; hand over

demon; monster

demon; odd

dēng, déng, děng, dèng Mandarin pinyin tunes

dense; close; intimate

deny; refuses to admit

deny one's error

depart from; go away

department; section; science

depend on; rely upon (kao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

depend on; rely upon (lai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

depressed; bored; melancholy

depressed; depressing

dermis; skin

descend; fall

descend; fall; drop

descendant; offspring

desolate; wild and bleak

destitute; poor

destroy; ruin

detain; arrest

determination; resolution

determined to; resolved

device; utensil

devoutly believe in; believe firmly

dew; dewdrop

dexterous and ingenious

dī, dí, dǐ, dì Mandarin pinyin tunes

diān, dián, diǎn, diàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

diāo, diáo, diǎo, diào Mandarin pinyin tunes

diē, dié, diě, diè Mandarin pinyin tunes

die out; extinction

differentiate; tell apart

difficult; difficulty

difficult; laborious; toilsome

difficult position; straitened circumstances


dig; grub

dig a hole

diligent; industrious

dīng, díng, dǐng, dìng Mandarin pinyin tunes



direct; command


direction; square

dirty; filthy

disadvantage; unfavorable situation

disassemble; take apart

disasters; calamities


disclose (secret)

discontinue; cut off

discomposed; flustered and nervous


discover; unearth; excavate

discreet; circumspect

discuss; discussion

disease; sick

disgrace; shame

disguise as


disgusting; nauseating


dislike very much

dismantle; tear down

dismiss the class; finish class

disorder; chaos; anarchy

dispersed; routed

display one's abilities (Chinese idiom)

displeased; angry

dispute; quarrel

dissolute; unrestrained


distance; away from

distant and indistinct; remote and vague

distinctive clothing; uniform

distinguished guest; guest of honor

distort; twist

distracted; stupefied

distress; hardship

disunite; split up; separate

ditch; trench

ditch; water channel

diū, diú, diǔ, diù Mandarin pinyin tunes

divide; score

divinatory symbols

divine pill, elixir of life

divulge; disclose


do; handle

do; organize

do not, must not

Do not lie to me.

do not move

do something wacky

do things

do things hastily

do with difficulty; manage with an effort

Do you have..

Do you have time?

Do you have time to help me?

Do you know why?

Do you know?

Do you need help?

Do you want

Do you want to

Do you want to add salt?

Do you want to add sugar?

Do you want to go to the movies?

Do you want to go?

Do you want to have a meal?

Do you want to have coffee?

dodge; elude



dog (gou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

dog; canine

doing things boldly

doing things carefully

doing things very quickly

doing things very slowly

domain; territory

donate; contribute

donate money; contribute money


don't; needn't

don't have

don't have; haven't

don't have time (available phrase video)

don't have time (time phrase video)

don't have time (to do something)

Don't fabricate a story to deceive people.

Don't glare at me!

don't know

don't want

don't want (bu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

dōng, dóng, dǒng, dòng Mandarin pinyin tunes


doom; complete destruction

door (video)

door; gate (men, Mandarin pinyin practice)


dormancy; sleep

dot; point

dote on; love dearly

dōu, dóu, dǒu, dòu Mandarin pinyin tunes


doughty and valiant; intrepid and fierce

dove; pigen

downfall; fall from power


downy; soft

doze off (dun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

doze off (kun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

dragon (video)

dragon (long, Mandarin pinyin practice)

dragons beget dragons

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon King

drama; play

draw; paint

draw close to

draw out

draw tight; stretch tight

dread; fear

dread; scared

dreadful; horrible


dreams come true

dreary; tedious; languorous

dredge for money

dress; obey

dress up; make up

dressed in; wear

drift; flow

drift off; zone out


drink (he, Mandarin pinyin practice)

drink coffee

drink tea

drink tea (cha Mandarin pinyin practice)

drink water

drink water (he, Mandarin pinyin practice)

drip; drop

dripping water

drive (a vehicle)

driver's license

drive or ride around for fun


drizzling bad weather

drop, drip

drop; fall

drop; fall; descend

drops of rain; raindrop

drooping; sagging

drop out; quit school



drumming; beat a drum

dry, warm by a fire

dry land; shore

dū, dú, dǔ, dù Mandarin pinyin tunes

duān, duán, duǎn, duàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

duī, duí, duǐ, duì Mandarin pinyin tunes


dumbfounded; astounded

dūn, dún, dǔn, dùn Mandarin pinyin tunes

duō, duó, duǒ, duò Mandarin pinyin tunes

dusk; nightfall

dusk; twilight

dust; ash

dwell; reside


ē, é, ě, è Mandarin pinyin tunes

each; individually

each and every

each other

each other; mutual



earn; obtain

earn money; make money

earnest; serious

earnest; sincere

earnest money; initial payment

earth (5 elements)

Earth (opposite to Heaven)


ease and verve; merry and lively


east, west, south, north

eastern; oriental


eat (chi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

eat rice; have a meal

eat to the full

eat together

economical (of lifestyle)

edge; side

edge; ridge

editing; compilation



eel (fish)

effective; efficacious


effort, exert oneself

effrontery; rash; foolhardy


egg (dan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

egg; roe; ovum

eggs hatch chicks

egg rolls



Eight Trigrams; Bagua

either; or

elder brother

elder brother; young man

eldest brother

elder sister

elder sister (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

electric; electricity


elephants are scared of mice

elephants seem to be scared of mice very much

elicit laughter; tease

elixir of life; divine pill

elude; dodge


embrace; cuddle

embrace; hug; cuddle


embarrassed; awkward (ga, Mandarin pinyin practice)

embarrassed; awkward (jiong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

embarrassed; ill at ease

embarrassed and guilty


embarrassing; humiliating

embrace; bosom

emergency rescue

emerging of memory (Chinese idiom)

emit; give off

emperor (di, Mandarin pinyin practice)

emperor (huang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

emperor; imperial

employ; hire


empty; hollow

ēn, én, ěn, èn Mandarin pinyin tunes

enactments; legislation

enchanting; bewitching


encircle; surround

enclosing wall

encompass; surround


encourage; hearten

end; conclude

endure; bear

endure; suffer


enemy; bandit

enemy; opponent


energetic and handsome

engrave; carve (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

engrave; carve (ke, Mandarin pinyin practice)

enigma; conundrum

enigma breaking; guessing game

enjoy a vacation; go vacationing

enjoy a vacation; spend one's holidays

enlarge; expand

enlighten; inspire

enlighten; teach

enlightened instantly; instant realisation


entangled; entanglement


enter; get into

enter; import

entertain; treat well

entertain or treat hospitably

entertaining; interesting

enthusiast; fans

enthusiast; a wild fan

entice; seduceg

entomb; bury


entrap; defraud; swindle

entrap, ensnare or harm somebody

envious; jealousy

environment; circumstances

environment where the martial artists live



equally; average


equilibrium; balance

ēr, ér, ěr, èr Mandarin pinyin tunes

erect; stand

erudite; broadly knowledgeable

escape; flee

escape-proof net; net above and snare underneath

espionage; spy

essence of something; soul


establish; build up

establish; set up

esteem; adore

esteem; respect


estimate; hide in one’s clothes

eternal happiness


etiquette; courtesy

evacuate; withdraw

evade; avoid

evaluate; estimate

even better

even more; further

eventually, finally

every; each

every day; day-to-day

every kind of; various kinds


Everybody is happy. (Chinese idiom)

everybody is satisfied (Chinese idiom)

Everybody watch out


Everyone is very satisfied.

evidence; proof

evil consequences; trouble for the future

evil spirit

evildoer; outlaw

exactly; just right to the moment

exaggerate; stretch the truth

exam; test; quiz


examination paper; test paper

examine; inspect


example; exemplification

example; range

exceed; surpass


excessively talkative; garrulous

exchange; interchange

exchange; swap

excited; high-spirited

excited; thrilled


exclude; repulsion

exert oneself, effort


excuse; forgive; pardon

Excuse me

Excuse me, what's your name?

Excuse me, where can I find a convenience store?

Excuse me, where can I find a gas station?

Excuse me, where can I find a supermarket?

Excuse me, where can I find an ATM machine?


exercise; practice

exert oneself; strenuously

exhale; cry out

exhibit; exhibition

exhort; exert oneself to

exhort; urge someone earnestly

EXIT; export (chu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

EXIT; export (kou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

exit; out

exotic; barbarian

exotic; reckless

expand; enlarge


expect; anticipate

expense; wasteful

expensive; costly

expensive; high-placed


experienced; tough

experienced doer; old hand

explain; explanation

expose; puncture

express delivery; special delivery

express felicitations

expressionless; stupid

extensive; wide (bo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

extensive; wide (guang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

exterior; surface

external; outside; outer

extinction; die out

extraordinary; remarkable

extreme; utmost

extremely enthusiastic; crazy


exuberant; luxuriant

exude sweat; to sweat

eyes bright and full of spirit (Chinese idiom)



fā, fá, fǎ, fà Mandarin pinyin tunes

fabric; textile

fabricate, make up

fabricate a story

fabricate a story to deceive people


face, confront (video)

face, confront (mian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

face the challenges

face all the challenges

face with courage

Face all the challenges with courage.

facial appearance

facial tissue; paper towel

fail of magic or witchcraft


fair; public

fair; treating people equally

faith; belief

faithful; trustworthy; reliable

fake; false

fall; descend

fall; drop

fall; drop; descend

fall down (dao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

fall down (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

fall down; tumble

fall down in a faint

fall from power; downfall

fall ill; sickened

fall in love

fall suddenly, clumsily, or headlong

fall to knees; kneel down

falling star; shooting star

falsehood; lies

family; home

family dependents; one's family

family members

family members (jia, Mandarin pinyin practice)

family reunion

family reunion on Thanksgiving Day

Family reunion together for a bountiful feast

fān, fán, fǎn, fàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

fāng, fáng, fǎng, fàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

fanatic; zealot; fans

fans of ball games

fantasy; illusory

fantasy; pipe dream


far and near

fashion; style

fashionable; popular (modern Chinese slang)

fast; quick

fast and slow (kuai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

fast and slow (man, Mandarin pinyin practice)

fasten with a hook


fat; fertile


father and mother; parents

fathom; try to figure out

fatigue; weary

fatter than me



fault; mistake

favor; benefit

favor; kindness; benevolence

favorable; beneficial; advantageous

favored and blessed

fear; dread



feel; sense

feel ashamed

feel concern about; concerned

feel quite pleased; very satisfied

feel relieved; rest assured

feel sleepy

feeling; sense

feeling; sense; sensation

feelings; sentiments

feeling of worry, nervousness about uncertain outcome

fēi, féi, fěi, fèi Mandarin pinyin tunes

felicitate; congratulate

female; feminine

female kylin (Chinese unicorn)

fēn, fén, fěn, fèn Mandarin pinyin tunes

fēng, féng, fěng, fèng Mandarin pinyin tunes


ferry boat

fertile; fat



festival (day); holiday

feud; animosity

few people; several people


fierce; ardent

fierce; bold and valiant

fierce and formidable

fierce dog

fierce fire; raging fire

fierce ones


fight; combat

fight; work

fight; wrestle

fill, to

fill something up

filthy; dirty

finally, eventually

find out

fine; good; nice

fine; good; virtuous

fine horse; steed

fine weather

finger ring

finish; accomplish

finish; settle

finish class; dismiss the class

fire (Chinese 5 elemens)

fire (huo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

firearms in old times


firm; durable

firm; solid

firm and solid (lao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

firm and solid (gu, Mandarin pinyin practice)


fish bait

fish for a needle in the ocean (Chinese idiom)

fish maw

fish roe; fish eggs

fish scale

fish up; scoop up



fishing; go fishing

fishing; to fish

fishing by the river

fishing port


fit; suitable

five elements

fix one's eyes on; stare



flaunt one's physical superiority

flavor; appetite of taste

flee; escape

fleece; wool

flight of stairs; stairway

flirtatious; coquettish


flood dragon


floor (story) of a high building


flush; wash away

flour; wheat flour

flourishing; prosperous

flourishing; thriving

flourishing financially; great prosperity

flourishing financially; prosperous

flow; drift

flowing water; running water


flower arranging

flushing with water

flustered and nervous; discomposed


flute; bamboo flute (di, Mandarin pinyin practice)


fly, to

flying saucer

fō, fó, fǒ, fò Mandarin pinyin tunes

focus; focal point

foe; personal enemy


follow (gen, Mandarin pinyin practice)

follow; heel

following behind

fond dream

fond of

food provisions

fool around; loiter

fool around; muck around

foolhardy; effrontery; rash

foolish; clumsy

foolish; stupid

foolish passion; blind love

foot; leg

footprint; imprint of a foot

football; soccer

footstep; steps

forbear; control oneself

forbid; legal ban

forbid; prohibit from

forbidden zone

force; strength

force to; compel to

foresee; fortell; presuppose



forge ahead; dash


forgot to take medicine

forgive (video)

forgive; pardon; excuse

forgive me


form; end; conclude

formal and dignified; ceremonious

former; past


fortunate; good fortune

Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity

foxy; crafty

fōu, fóu, fǒu, fòu Mandarin pinyin tunes

foul-smelling; stinking


foundation; base

fountain; spring


fragrance; aroma

fragrance; sweet smell

fragrant; aromatic

fragrant plant


free; gratis; without charge

free from worry; settled

free from worry awkwardness

freeze; frozen

fresh and cold; icy cold

fresh and cool; nice and cool

fret about; worry

fried noodles (video)

fried noodles; chow mein (mian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

fried rice

fried rice (chao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

fried rice with shrimp

fried spring roll


Friends share happiness with each other.

friendly; harmonious

frightened suddenly


front; before

front and behind; before and after

front side; ahead

frontier; border

frugal; scrimp and save

frugal; thrifty


fruit preserves; jam

fry eggs; fried eggs

fry in a pan in shallow fat

fū, fú, fǔ, fù Mandarin pinyin tunes

full; filled; packed

full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness

full of joy

full of something

full with hunger satisfied

fully occupied; busy

fun; pleasure

fundamental; basic


fur; wool; hair

furnace; stove; oven

further; as well as

further; even more


future; days to come


gā, gá, gǎ, gà Mandarin pinyin tunes

gāi, gái, gǎi, gài Mandarin pinyin tunes

gain; obtain

gain improperly

gallant horse; swift horse

gallbladder; courage

game; set


gambling house; casino

gān, gán, gǎn, gàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

gāng, gáng, gǎng, gàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

gāo, gáo, gǎo, gào Mandarin pinyin tunes

garrulous; excessively talkative

garrulous; talkative on trivial matters

gas; air; inner strength

gas station

gasp; pant

gasp for air; pant

gate; door

gather; get together

gather; collect (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gather; collect (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gather and collect (of talents)

gathering; meeting

gathering; get together

gē, gé, gě, gè Mandarin pinyin tunes

gēi, géi, gěi, gèi Mandarin pinyin tunes

gēn, gén, gěn, gèn Mandarin pinyin tunes

general; approximate

general appearance

general idea; concept

general (military leader)

generally; approximately


generation; substitute

generous; liberal with money

generous; magnanimous

generous; poised

generous and open-minded

gēng, géng, gěng, gèng Mandarin pinyin tunes

gentle wind; breeze

gentleman; Mister

genuine; pure

genuine or sham; true or false

germ; bacteria

get, obtain

get; receive

get; take

get help, receive assistance

get into trouble

get on the gravy train

get out of bed

get paid from the hirer, employer

get stuck into something

get up; rise

get used to; habit

getting better and better

getting old


ghost house; haunted house

giant; colossus

giantic; huge

gift (video)

gift; present




girl; younger sister


give (gei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give an authoritative order

give back, return

give back, return (huan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give back to; return to

give me

give me (gei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give me a little more time

give it to me

give one a scolding

give you

give up smoking; quitting smoking

give you a birthday present

glamor; attractive quality; charisma

glamorous; angelic

glare; stare

glass marbles

glittering; sparkling (Chinese idiom)

gloomy; worried

glory; splendor

glue; mucilage

gnaw; nibble


go; leave

go around in an area

go astray

go away; depart from

go back on one's word

go back to; return

go fishing

go hastily

go home; return home

go on foot; walk

go on patrol

go on strike

go secretly and quietly

go straight

Go straight ahead and turn left.

go through; penetrate

go to bed

go to bed; sleep

go to class; attend class

go to school

go to the movies

go to the seaside

go to the seaside and watch the sea

go vacationing; enjoy a vacation

God! (My Heaven!)

God of thunder; Thor

going or staying

going to..

going to; about to

going or staying

gong (percussion instrument)

gōng, góng, gǒng, gòng Mandarin pinyin tunes

gold (huang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

gold (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

good; beautiful

good; fine; nice

good; fine; virtuous

good at; able to

good chance; good opportunity

good example; model to follow

good fortune; fortunate

good health

good people; nice guy


good-looking; handsome

good-looking young man; handsome guy

good-natured; honest and sincere

goods; cargoes


gorge; mountain valley

gorgeous; resplendent

gorgeous and brilliant

gōu, góu, gǒu, gòu Mandarin pinyin tunes

gourd; melon


government official

grace (God's grace)

grace; debt of gratitude

grade; rank; level

gradual enlightenment

gradually; progressively

gradually entering blissful circumstances


grain; provisions

grand and ceremonial

gratification; satisfaction


gratifying and satisfactory

gratis; free; without charge


gratuity; tips

grave; tomb

great; immense

great; magnificent

great people

Great people can live for a long time.

great prosperity; flourishing financially

Great Wall


green tea

greeting card

grey color

grid; style


grief; sorrow

grievance; unfairness

grocery shopping

groom; bridegroom

grope for; touch

ground; land

ground meat; minced meat


group; numerous

group of people

group of people; crowd

ground; place

grove; woods; forest

groves of bamboo

grow, grow up

grub; dig

grudgingly; reluctantly; unwillingly

gū, gú, gǔ, gù Mandarin pinyin tunes

guā, guá, guǎ, guà Mandarin pinyin tunes

guāi, guái, guǎi, guài Mandarin pinyin tunes

guān, guán, guǎn, guàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

guāng, guáng, guǎng, guàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

guard against; prevent

guessing game; solve riddles


guest; visitor

guest of honor; distinguished guest

guī, guí, guǐ, guì Mandarin pinyin tunes

guide; lead

guidance; counseling

guide; lead


gun; spear

gūn, gún, gǔn, gùn Mandarin pinyin tunes

guō, guó, guǒ, guò Mandarin pinyin tunes


hā, há, hǎ, hà Mandarin pinyin tunes

ha-ha laughter

habit; get used to

hack off; chop

haggle over every ounce (Chinese idiom)

hāi, hái, hǎi, hài Mandarin pinyin tunes

hair; fur; wool

hair on the temples


half a year

halt; pause

hall for exhibition



hān, hán, hǎn, hàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

hand over; deliver

hand over; pass over

hand over (something, someone) to me


handle; do

handle things

handsome; good-looking

handsome guy; good-looking young man

handy; convenient

hang down

hang out (with friend)

hang; suspend (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

hang; suspend (gua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

hāng, háng, hǎng, hàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

hāo, háo, hǎo, hào Mandarin pinyin tunes


happiness; merry

happy (video)

happy; happiness

happy; joyful

happy; joyful; cheerful (kuai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

happy; joyful; cheerful (le, Mandarin pinyin practice)

happy; joyous

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you

happy forever

harbor; port

hard; difficult

hardhearted; cold-blooded

hardship; distress

harm; to injure

harmful insect; pest

harmonious; amicability

harmonious; friendly

harmonious; peaceful

harsh; exacting; severe

harsh; oppressive

harsh and unreasonable

harum-scarum; rash


hastily; quickly and eagerly

hasty; hastily; hurriedly



hatred; anger

hatred; animosity

haul; lug

haunted house; ghost house


have a chat

have a meal

have a meal; eat rice

have a slap-up meal together

have not, have no

haven't; don't have

have pity for

have time

have time (to do something)

have what one wishes

He is the same age as my wife.


he, him

He borrowed a book from me.

He borrowed money from me.

he is

He is a prince.

He is an angel.

He is learning how to play the violin.

He lent me a book.

He lent money to me.

He plays the guitar very well.

He returned the money to me.

hē, hé, hě, hè Mandarin pinyin tunes

head somewhere

headgear; cap

headstrong; stubborn

heal; cure

health; healthy

healthy; safe and well


heart linked to heart

heart to heart

hearten; encourage

heartily; merry from wine

heartless; callous

Heaven and Earth (I-Ching)

heavy; sink

heel; follow

hēi, héi, hěi, hèi Mandarin pinyin tunes

helianthus (flower)


Hello, nice to meet you.



helmet and armor; suit of armor



help, assistance

help (bang Mandarin pinyin practice)

hēn, hén, hěn, hèn Mandarin pinyin tunes

hēng, héng, hěng, hèng Mandarin pinyin tunes

hens lay eggs

her; his

her, she


hero; person with unusual courage and ability

heroic; prominent

heroic person


hide in one’s clothes

hide oneself

hide oneself; avoid

hiding in the water


high; excessive

high, soaring

high; tall

high and low (di, Mandarin pinyin practice)

high and low (gao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

high profile person; big shot

high-heeled shoes

high-level; high-class

high-placed; expensive


high-spirited; excited

highly favored; care for

him, he

hinder; impede


hire; employ

his; her

historic spot; ancient monuments

hit; strike

hold, grasp

hold; keep

hold a meeting

hold back

hold hands

hold one's breath

hold together; approach

hole; aperture

hole; cave

hole in the ground

holiday; festival (day)

holiday; vacation

hollow; empty

Holy Bible


home; family

homeland; native land


honest; sincere

honest and frank

honest and sincere; good-natured



hōng, hóng, hǒng, hòng Mandarin pinyin tunes


hook up; buckle

hop; jump

hope, wish

horizontal; transverse

horizontal and vertical

horizontal bar

horn; antler

horn of an ox

horror; terror (kong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

horror; terror (bu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

horse saddle

hot and windless; sultry; muggy

hot pepper

hot pot (Chinese cuisine)

hōu, hóu, hǒu, hòu Mandarin pinyin tunes


house; building

house; hall for exhibition

house; room

household; account

horse (Chinese zodiac animal)

horse (ma pinyin practice)

horse riding

hot; pungent; spicy

hot and sour soup

hot pepper; chili pepper


How are you?

How are you recently?

How's going recently?

How far can fish swim?

How far?

How high can the bird fly?

How high?

How long can love last?

How long can people live?

How long? (length)

How long? (time)

how many

How many people?

how much

How much is it?

How much is that one?

How much is this one?

How old are you? (1)

How old are you? (2)

How to do it?

howl; roar

hū, hú, hǔ, hù Mandarin pinyin tunes

huā, huá, huǎ, huà Mandarin pinyin tunes

huāi, huái, huǎi, huài Mandarin pinyin tunes

huān, huán, huǎn, huàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

huāng, huáng, huǎng, huàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

hug; embrace

hug; embrace; cuddle

huge; giantic

huī, huí, huǐ, huì Mandarin pinyin tunes

human hair

human hair on top of the head

human pyramid

human kind; human race

humble; modest

humid; damp

humiliating; embarrassing

hūn, hún, hǔn, hùn Mandarin pinyin tunes



hungry; starving (e, Mandarin pinyin practice)

hungry; starving (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)


hunt; hunting

hunter; huntsman

huō, huó, huǒ, huò Mandarin pinyin tunes

hurriedly; in a hurry

hurried; urgent


husband; male adult

husband and wife

hypothesis; supposition; theory



I, me

I, me - dialect personal pronoun

I am..

I am 28 years old.

I am 56 years old this year.

I am a student.

I am afraid of spiders.

I am also very happy to meet you.

I am careful to do things slowly

I am doing things carefully

I am doing things very slowly

I am done (have finished doing something)

I am following behind her.

I am full. (have had enough to eat)

I am going to Taipei.

I am in a hurry

I am learning Chinese.

I am looking forward to a dream come true.

I am looking forward to your arrival.

I am not available right now.

I am not in a hurry

I am ready

I am sleepy

I am so bored

I am so hungry

I am so thirsty

I am so tired (video)

I am so tired

I am sorry

I am standing beside her.

I am traveling.

I am vegetarian

I am very busy

I am very poor.

I am walking ahead of her.

I apologize to you.

I borrowed a book from him.

I borrowed money from him.

I came from the United States.

I can

I can speak Chinese.

I can speak a little bit of Chinese.

I can hold chopsticks

I dislike cockroaches very much.

I don't care.

I don't eat

I don't eat beef.

I don't eat meat.

I don't eat pork.

I don't have time now

I don't have time right now.

I don't know (how to)

I don't know either.

I don't know why.

I don't know.

I don't understand

I don't want that one

I expect…

I expect it will be better tomorrow.

I expect that you will come back.

I forgot…

I forgot the time of the examination.

I forgot to take medicine.

I got to go.

I have

I have a pair of shoes

I have a pair of very good walking shoes

I have a problem here.

I have a question..

I have found you

I have my own place.

I have no more problems.

I have something to do..

I hope…

I hope this is true.

I hope this is not true.

I hope you are all well and safe.

I hope you can come back.

I lent him a book.

I lent money to him.

I like

I like listening to stories.

I like to listen to music.

I like riding bicycle

I like riding bicycle to work.

I like to eat

I like to eat beef.

I like to eat chicken.

I like to eat pork.

I like to travel with you.

I like travelling

I like walking

I like walking to school.

I like you

I live at home..

I live by myself.

I look forward to…

I lost track of time!

I need your help!

I returned the money to him.

I stay at a hotel.

I still have problems.

I want

I want a bowl of hot and sour soup

I want a cup of coffee.

I want a glass of water.

I want a plate of fried rice with shrimp

I want to lesten to music.

I want one portion of fried spring roll

I want this one

I want to drink something

I want to drink tea

I want to drink water

I want to eat fried noodles

I want to eat fried rice

I want to eat something

I want to eat spring rolls

I want to eat..

I want to rest

I want..

I will help you when I have time.

I wish…

I wish you were here.

I won't (do something bad)

I would like to have a chat

I'm a teacher.

I'm okay.

I'm okay. What about you?

I'm really sorry

I'm so hungry.

I'm so sorry

I'm very sorry


ice cube

icy cold; fresh and cold

idiot; stupid fellow

idiot; stupid person

idle; idleness

idle; lazy (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

idle; lazy (duo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ignore; neglect

ignore; suddenly

ill at ease; embarrassed

ill at ease; restrained

illusory; fantasy

imitate; counterfeit

imitate; mimic

immediately; pause

immense; great

impeded; delay

imperial; emperor

imperturbable; self-possessed; calm

implement; tool

impertinent behavior; recklessly bold or rash

impolite to decline

imposing; awe-inspiring

imprint of a foot; footprint

imprison; jail; prison

imprisoned; behind bars

impulse; unreflective act


in harmony; contact with

in process of

in the house

in the water

inability to sleep; unable to sleep

incense burner

incisive; keen; acute


include; contain

incomplete romance

increase the distance between


indignant; angry

indignant; sad

indistinct; suddenly

individually; each

indulge; delay

industrious; diligent

inescapable dragnet; tight encirclement

inexpensive; low-priced

infatuated; obsessed

inferior quality; bad

inform; report

informal conversation; chat

ingenuous; silly


inhabitant; resident

inherit; succeed

initial; beginning of

initial particle for name or person

initial payment; earnest money

injustice; submit

inner strength

inner voice; conscience

innovate; reform

inquisitive; curious

insane; crazy (feng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

insane; crazy (kuang, Mandarin pinyin practice)


insert; interject

inside (video)

inside; inner; interior

inside; within

inside and outside


Insist on the pursuit of dreams continuously.

insist; persist (chi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

insomnia; sleeplessness

inspect; check; examine

inspirational; motivational

inspire; enlighten

inspire; open and enlighten the mind

inspire; start

inspiring awe; cool

instant realisation; enlightened instantly

instruct; teach

insufferable; unbearable

insufficient; not enough

intelligent; wisdom

intense; strong

interchange; exchange

interesting; entertaining


intermedium; medium

internal strife; conflict inside the group

interrupt (someone while they are speaking)

intersect; join


intervene; step in


intimate; close

intimate; dear

intimate friend

intimate partner; companion

into the mouth

intonation; accent

intrepid and fierce; doughty and valiant

intricate; numerous

introduce; introduction

inverse; pour out


investigate; observe

invincible opponent; unbeatable rival


iron; brand; sear

Iron Man

irony; satirize

irritate; stimulate


is not

Is it salty enough?

Is it sweet enough?

is learning

is practicing


islet; small island

issue; prosper

It's about the news of typhoon.

it's broken

It's all my fault

It’s time to…

It’s time to eat.

It’s time to take the medicine.

It's too spicy

It's too sweet

it will be better tomorrow


jab; poke

jackass; ass; donkey

jail; prison (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

jail; prison (lao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

jam; sauce

jammed; stuck


jar; can

jealousy; envious

jī, jí, jǐ, jì Mandarin pinyin tunes

jiā, jiá, jiǎ, jià Mandarin pinyin tunes

jiān, jián, jiǎn, jiàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

jiāng, jiáng, jiǎng, jiàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

jiāo, jiáo, jiǎo, jiào Mandarin pinyin tunes

jiē, jié, jiě, jiè Mandarin pinyin tunes

jīn, jín, jǐn, jìn Mandarin pinyin tunes

jin, Chinese weight unit (500g)

jīng, jíng, jǐng, jìng Mandarin pinyin tunes

join; ally with

join; connect

join; intersect

joined in opposition to the same adversary

join together; league together

join together; seek an alliance with

jiōng, jióng, jiǒng, jiòng Mandarin pinyin tunes


jolt; bump; top of

journey; travel

joyful; cheerful; happy (kuai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

joyful; cheerful; happy (le, Mandarin pinyin practice)

joyful; happy

joyous; cheerful

joyous; happy

jū, jú, jǔ, jù Mandarin pinyin tunes

juān, juán, juǎn, juàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

judge; measure

judge right or wrong

juē, jué, juě, juè Mandarin pinyin tunes

July (month)

jump; hop

jūn, jún, jǔn, jùn Mandarin pinyin tunes

June (month)

just now; just recently

just right to the moment; exactly


kā, ká, kǎ, kà Mandarin pinyin tunes

kāi, kái, kǎi, kài Mandarin pinyin tunes

kān, kán, kǎn, kàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

kāng, káng, kǎng, kàng Mandarin pinyin tunes


kāo, káo, kǎo, kào Mandarin pinyin tunes

karma; cause and effect

kē, ké, kě, kè Mandarin pinyin tunes

keen; acute

keen; clever


keep; hold

keep; reserve

keep; retain possession of

keep a close eye on somebody or something

keep in mind; think

keep on; carry on with

keep secret

keep the faith


kēn, kén, kěn, kèn Mandarin pinyin tunes

kēng, kéng, kěng, kèng Mandarin pinyin tunes

kettle; pot

key of piano, keyboard

key point; key factor


kick; stamp on

kilogram (1000g)

kind; type

kindness; benevolence



kitten is getting old and then becoming an old cat


kitty is crouching by the door

knack; secret recipe

kneel down; fall to knees


knit; weave

knack; trick


knock on a door

knot; tie

knot; tie a knot


know, meet

know; understand

Koi Fish; variegated carp

kōng, kóng, kǒng, kòng Mandarin pinyin tunes

kōu, kóu, kǒu, kòu Mandarin pinyin tunes

kowtow in salute; bow in salute

kū, kú, kǔ, kù Mandarin pinyin tunes

kuā, kuá, kuǎ, kuà Mandarin pinyin tunes

kuāi, kuái, kuǎi, kuài Mandarin pinyin tunes

kuān, kuán, kuǎn, kuàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

kuāng, kuáng, kuǎng, kuàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

kuī, kuí, kuǐ, kuì Mandarin pinyin tunes

kūn, kún, kǔn, kùn Mandarin pinyin tunes

kung fu; Chinese martial art

kuō, kuó, kuǒ, kuò Mandarin pinyin tunes

kylin; Chinese unicorn


lā, lá, lǎ, là Mandarin pinyin tunes

label; mark

labor; work

labor; worker

laborer; workman

laborious; toilsome

lack; deficient

lack; deficient in

lack; tired

lack of something

lack of something, missing

lacking; owe

lāi, lái, lǎi, lài Mandarin pinyin tunes


lake (hu, Mandarin pinyin practice)


lakeside (hu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lame; crippled (bo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lame; crippled (que, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lamp; lantern

lān, lán, lǎn, làn Mandarin pinyin tunes

lāng, láng, lǎng, làng Mandarin pinyin tunes

land; ground

land used for growing wheat

landing; to land (airplane)

landscapes; scenery

languorous; dreary; tedious

lāo, láo, lǎo, lào Mandarin pinyin tunes

large river

large snake

lasting; continually

late; delayed

lately, recently

latest news

laughter (ha, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lavish; showily rich

law; method

law; rule

law case


lawsuit; tell

lay eggs

lazy; idle (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lazy; idle (duo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lazy; laziness

lazy; unwilling to work

lē, lé, lě, lè Mandarin pinyin tunes

lead along; pull along

lead; guide (ling, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lead; guide (dao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lead a vagrant life

leader; leading

leader of a team

leading figure

leak; drip

leak out (information)

leaking water

league together; join together

lean against

leap; hop



leather belt

leather; change


leave; go

leave out; omit

leave stealthily; shirk off

leaving or staying

left (direction)

left-hand side

leg; foot

legal ban; forbid

legal rights; power

legal rights; rights

legend; traditional story

legislation; enactments

lēi, léi, lěi, lèi Mandarin pinyin tunes



lend him

lend me

lend money

lend money to him

lend money to me

lend an arm to support someone

lēng, léng, lěng, lèng Mandarin pinyin tunes

leopard; panther

less, not many; widowed

lessen; decrease

lessen; reduce

lesson; class; course

let go; release

Let's go

level; grade


lī, lí, lǐ, lì Mandarin pinyin tunes

liān, lián, liǎn, liàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

liāng, liáng, liǎng, liàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

liāo, liáo, liǎo, liào Mandarin pinyin tunes

liberal with money; generous

liberal with money; ostentatious


lid; cover

lie, deceive

lie between

lie down

liē, lié, liě, liè Mandarin pinyin tunes

lies; falsehood


life; live a life

life in endless succession

lift, carry with hand

lift up; raise

lift up one's hand


light and shade; brightness and darkness

light and weighty

light handed; nimble and skillful

light taste or color

light weight


like to eat

limpid; crystal-clear

līn, lín, lǐn, lìn Mandarin pinyin tunes

line, row

line of business; profession

line of verse; sentence

line up; arrange

līng, líng, lǐng, lìng Mandarin pinyin tunes

link; connect (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

link; connect (lian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

listen, hear

listen to music

listen to stories


little bird

little bird standing on the tree

little boy

little boy plays the guitar very well

little child

little girl

little girl plays the piano very well

liū, liú, liǔ, liù Mandarin pinyin tunes


live; alive

live, reside

live a life

live at home

live by oneself

live in seclusion; seclusion

live together

live with my parents


loads of; a lot of something

loan (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

loan (kuan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lofty; majestic

lofty and proud


logic; reason

loiter; fool around

lonely; solitary (du, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lonely; solitary (gu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lōng, lóng, lǒng, lòng Mandarin pinyin tunes

long (length)

long; length

long and short (duan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

long for; crave for

long skirt

long time

Long time, no see.

long-winded; wordy

look; see; view

look after; care for

look at; view; see

look for

looking for something

look for a needle in a haystack (Chinese idiom)

look forward to

loop; circle

loop; ring

loose or tight

lord; rank of nobility

loss; deficit

lose; throw away (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lose; throw away (diu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lose; toss

lose face (diu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lose face (lian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lose one's way

losing track of time


lost; confused


lotus flower

lōu, lóu, lǒu, lòu Mandarin pinyin tunes


lounge about the streets; window-shopping


love (ài pinyin practice)

love; romance

love dearly; dote on

love one's country; patriotic

lover; sweetheart

lovely; sweet and pretty

lovely and enchanting

lovely and quick-witted

lovely wife


low-priced; inexpensive

loyal dog

lü, lǘ, lǚ, lǜ Mandarin pinyin tunes

lū, lú, lǔ, lù Mandarin pinyin tunes

luān, luán, luǎn, luàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

lucky; auspicious

lüē, lüé, lüě, lüè Mandarin pinyin tunes

lūn, lún, lǔn, lùn Mandarin pinyin tunes


luō, luó, luǒ, luò Mandarin pinyin tunes

luxuriant; exuberant

luxurious; sumptuous


mā, má, mǎ, mà, ma Mandarin pinyin tunes


magnate; tycoon

magnificent; great

magnificent; splendor

māi, mái, mǎi, mài Mandarin pinyin tunes

mail; send

mail a letter


majestic; lofty

majestic-looking; awe-inspiring posture (Chinese idiom)

make a fire

make a fool of oneself

make a phone call

make friends

make into a list

make money; earn money

make up, fabricate

make up a story

make up for

make up one's mind

male admirer; young man

male adult; husband

male phoenix; phoenix

mama, mother

mān, mán, mǎn, màn Mandarin pinyin tunes

man, men

man of integrity

man is camping by the lakeside

manage; administer

manage, control

manage; put in order

manage with an effort; do with difficulty

mandarin orange; tangerine

mandate; order; command


māng, máng, mǎng, màng Mandarin pinyin tunes

manners; courteous; politeness

manners; well-behaved

manufacture; childbirth

many; much

many and less, not many

Many thanks

many thanks; thanks a lot

Many thanks for your help.

māo, máo, mǎo, mào Mandarin pinyin tunes



marinaded egg; soy-stewed egg

mark; label

mark; number

mark; trace

mark with a branding iron

marriage; wedding

marriage ceremony; wedding

marry a man

marry a woman

Marry me (propose to a woman)

marry to a man, marry a woman



master-stroke; unique skill

match; build


mate; companion

mate; make a pair

mate; partner

material; stuff

maw of a fish

may; can; able

May I ask

May I help you?

maybe; perhaps

Mayday; call for help

me, I

mean; bad

meat (video)

medical pill

medical treatment; therapy

medium; intermedium

meet; come across

meet; meet; come face to face

meet; see

meet by chance

meeting; gathering

mēi, méi, měi, mèi Mandarin pinyin tunes

melancholy; bored; depressed

melody; song

melon; gourd

member of a company board; trustee

memorize; remember

memory; recollection

Memory crossed one's mind (Chinese idiom)

mēn, mén, měn, mèn Mandarin pinyin tunes

mend one's ways; repent and reform


merely; only

merry; happiness

merry and lively; ease and verve

merry from wine


metal spike; nail

metal spike; nail


method; law

method; way

mī, mí, mǐ, mì Mandarin pinyin tunes

miān, mián, miǎn, miàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

middle; centre

mighty power

migratory birds

Migratory birds can fly very high.


military personnel; soldier

millennium; thousand years


mimic; imitate

minced meat; ground meat

mind; care about

mine; mineral or ore deposits

miner; mineworker



mischievous; monkey business

miserly; stingy

miserly; stingy; ungenerous with money

misfortune; bad luck

Miss; young lady

miss (the chance, opportunity)

missing, lack of something

missing something

Mister; gentleman

mix; blend

mix; mingle

mix by stirring

mock; sarcastic remarks

model; standard

model to follow; good example

moderate prices; bargain price

modest; humble

moist; damp


moment; quarter of an hour

monastic discipline; commandment


money (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

money (qian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

money; funds

monitor; oversee


monkey eating banana

Monkeys like to eat bananas.

monkey (hou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

monster; demon

monthly magazine


mop up; wipe up

mortal; ordinary

moral principles; moral relationship

moral sense; conscience


morality; decency

more slowly

more than enough


mortal beneficiary; prosperity

mortgage loan


motivational; inspirational

motor vehicle; automobile

moustache; beard

mountain peak

mountain ridge

mountain valley; gorge

mountaineering; climb a mountain

mountaintop; top of a mountain




move; touch

move forward; proceed

move house

move or travel with much jolting; bump

move quickly; run


moving; touching; affecting

mucilage; glue

muck around; fool around

muffled; sealed; tightly closed

mug, cup

muggy; sultry

mule (animal)

multi-story building


munch; masticate


muscular spasm; cramp




must; certainly

must; have to

must live a life

must; need

must persist to the end

mutter insults against someone

mutual; each other


my; mine (de, Mandarin pinyin practice)

My elder brother is taller than me.

My elder sister is fatter than me.

my father

My father is 7 years older than you.

my fault

My goodness; Oh my God

my husband

My husband is 40 years old this year.

My name is

My name is Wang An-An.

My opinion is..

my parents

My question is fairly simple..

my wallet was lost

my wife

My younger brother is shorter than me.

My younger sister is slimmer than me.


mysterious; unknown


naan bread; baked pancake

nail; metal spike

nail a lie


name; to call (cheng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

napkin; handkerchief

narrow one's eyelids

nation; country

national flag

native land; homeland

nauseating; disgusting

navigate by air or water

near; adjacent; close to

near; close

near relative; close relative

neat and tidy




Need help?

needn't; don't

neighbor; neighboring

negate; negative answer

negative answer; negate

neglect; ignore

nemesis; deadly enemy

nervous; panic

nervous; tense

nervous breakdown; collapse


net above and snare underneath; tight encirclement

net used to catch birds

nevertheless; but it is

New Year's Day


news of victory

nibble; gnaw

nice; fine; good

nice and cool; fresh and cool

nice guy; good people

Nice to meet you.

nice weather

Nice weather today


niggardly; parsimonious; stingy

nightfall; dusk


nimble and skillful; light handed

no; not

no one

no one found out

No one found out that she was a witch.

No one knows that he is an angel.

nobles; aristocrat


nobody knows

nobody knows (2)

nobody knows why

noisy; clamour

noisy; quarrel

none; not

nonsense; bullshit

noodles (video)

noodles (mian, Mandarin pinyin practice)


North Pole

North Pole; Arctic


not; negative

not; wrong

not enough; insufficient

not have; there is not

not to work properly

not salty

not sweet

not simple


now; present

Now what?

nude; naked


numb; insensitive


number 0; zero

number 6; six

number one

numerous; group

numerous; intricate


oar; paddle

obedient; well-behaved



obey; dress

observe; investigate

observe; view

obsessed; infatuated

obstinate; unyielding; stubborn

obstruct; to block (dang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

obstruct; to block (du, Mandarin pinyin practice)

obtain; earn

obtain; gain

obtain, get

obvious; clear (chu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

obvious; clear (qing, Mandarin pinyin practice)


ocean waves; sea waves

ocean; sea

odd; demon

of course; certainly

of; own

off duty

offend; violate

offer one's service


officer; government official

official order or commission

official residence

offspring; descendant

ointment; cream

okay, all right


old; aged

old age

old cat

old hand; past master

old people (video)

old people; senior citizen


older than you

omit; leave out


on duty

on one's feet; stand

on one's mind; think of someone or something

on the chair

on the table

once; as soon as

one of outstanding talents

one portion

one, a piece


oneself; one's own side

only; merely

onto land from the sea

open; turn on

open the door


open and close; switch (kai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

open and close; switch (guan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

open and enlighten the mind; inspire

open new land for farming

open the door

opening; entrance


opponent; enemy


opportunity; chance

oppose; against

oppose; resist

opposite; contrary

oppressive; harsh

oppressive; stuffy; suffocating

oppressive; weighty

opulent; extravagant

or; either


orchid flower

order; command; mandate

order; ethics

order; rank

order; reserve

ordinary; common

ordinary; commonplace

ordinary; mortal

ordinary people; common mortal

organize; do

oriental; eastern

original; principal

original intention or aspiration


orphaned; alone

ostentatious; liberal with money

other; another

other; different

other people

ought to; should

out; exit

out of a game

out of mouth

out of order; break down

outcome; result

outlaw; bandit

outlaw; evildoer

outrageous; rude and unreasonable

outside (video)

outside; outer; external

outskirts; suburbs


outstanding; remarkable; prominent

outstanding person (bo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

outstanding person (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

outstanding talents

oven; stove; furnace

overcome (video)

overcome; conquer; subdue

overcome; surmount

overcome difficulties

Overcome difficulties and keep the faith.

overflow; everywhere


overlap; repeat

oversee; monitor

oversee; supervise (du, Mandarin pinyin practice)

oversee; supervise (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)


ovum; egg; roe

owe; lacking

owe money


ox horn; horn of an ox


pace; step

packed; filled

packed with people

padded jacket

paddle; oar

paddle, to; row a boat

paddle a boat; row a boat

paint; draw

painter (artist)


pair; correct

pair up; collocate


palace, temple

palm, slap

pamper; spoil

pampered, lovable and fragile

pan; wok


pan-fry; stir-fry

panic; nervous

pant; gasp

pant; gasp for air

panther; leopard

pants; trousers

papa; dad (classic dialect)

papa, father

paper towel; facial tissue

pardon; forgive; excuse


parents; father and mother

parsimonious; niggardly; stingy

part from; away from

particular about trifle (Chinese idiom)

partner; companion

partner; mate

pass; go across

pass (the test)

pass over; hand over

pass through; undergo

past; former

past master; old hand

pastry; cakes

path; way

patriotic; love one's country


pause; halt

pause; immediately


pawn shop


pay money

peace and good health

peculiar and unexpected; quirky



pass; spend time

pass; spread

pass the ball

pay a debt of gratitude

pay attention



peaceful; harmonious

peak; summit


peculiar; strange (qi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

peculiar; strange (guai, Mandarin pinyin practice)


pen; writing instrument

penetrate; go through


people are getting old and then becoming old people


perfect and true gentleman

perhaps; maybe

periodical; publication

perseverance; staying power


persist; insist (chi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

persist to the end

persist to the end and finally succeed

person with unusual courage and ability

personal enemy; foe

pest; harmful insect



phoenix (feng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

phoenix; male phoenix

phoenixes beget phoenixes


photo frame; picture frame

physically strong; brawny


pick up


picky with someone to do something

picture frame; photo frame

piece; a chunk


pigen; dove


piggy staying in the house


pile up

pile up; accumulate

pinhole; small hole

pink color

pink; powder

pipe; tube

pipe dream; fantasy

pit; hole in the ground

pitiful; pitiable

place; ground

plain cooked rice

plan; project

plan; scheme

plantain; bababa


play (music instruments)

play ball

play guitar

play keyboard instrument

play piano

play string instrument with bow

play the flute

play violin

play wind instrument

pleasantly surprised

pleasure; fun

pluck or play string instrument

pleasant; delightful

pleasantly cool; cool and comfortable


Please be careful

Please come over for a moment.

Please forgive me.

Please give me

Please give me a cup of coffee.

Please give me a glass of water.

Please give me chopsticks

Please wait for a moment.

pleasing and delightful; sweet as honey

plentiful; abundant

plentiful harvest; bumper crop

plow; to

plunder; pillage


pocket; bag

point; dot

pointed; tapering

poised; generous


poisonous snake; viper

poke; jab


police; policeman

police officer

politeness; manners; courteous

political party

pond; pool

ponder; think over

poor; destitute

poor; pathetic

poor people

popular; fashionable (modern Chinese slang)

popularity ranking

popularity ranking; ranking of popularity


port; harbor




pot; kettle

pour out; inverse

pour tea

power; authority

power; legal rights

power; mighty power

power blackout, power outage

power of Buddha; Buddha dharma

powerful; strong

powerful; tough

practice (video)

practice; exercise

praise; approve of (something or someone)

praise; applaud

praise; glorify

praiseworthy achievement; credit


pray; prayer

precious, treasure (bao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

precious, treasure (bei, Mandarin pinyin practice)


present; gift

present; now

press from both sides

presuppose; foresee; fortell

pretty; beautiful (mei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pretty; beautiful (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pretty and charming

pretty and coquettish

pretty and playful

pretty face

pretty wife

pretty woman

pretty woman; beautiful woman

prevail; predominate

prevent; guard against

price; value

pride, proud (ao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pride, proud (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

primitive and rough



principal; original

principle; rationality

principle; reason

prison; jail

prize; award


proceed; move forward

prodigal son


profession; line of business

profit; benefit

profound; secret

program; show

progress; advancement

progressively; gradually

prohibit from

prominent; heroic

prominent; outstanding; remarkable

promise; commitment

prompt; rapid (kuai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

prompt; quick (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pronghorn; antelope

proof; according to

proof; evidence

prop up; support

propitious day; auspicious day

prosper; issue

prosper; thrive

prosperity; mortal beneficiary

prosperous (chang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

prosperous (heng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

prosperous; booming

prosperous; flourishing

prosperous; flourishing financially

protect (bao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

protect (hu, Mandarin pinyin practice)


proud; arrogant

provisions; food provisions

prudent; cautious


psychic medium; spiritual medium

public; fair

publish (ban, Mandarin pinyin practice)

publish (kan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

puff; blow

pull; drag

pull along; lead along

pull apart

pull apart; pull away

pull apart with hands

pull; chat

pull out


punch a holee

puncture; expose

pungent; spicy; hot




puppy grows up and becomes a big dog

puppy is lying beside me.

purchase; buy (gou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

purchase; buy (mai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

pure; genuine

pure of heart



pursuit of dreams

push down


put, arrange

put in order; manage

put on; wear

put on the chair

put on the table

Put the bag on the chair.

Put the cellular phone on the table.

put things in order

putrid; decompose; rotten

puzzle; bewilder

puzzle; riddle

python; serpent


qī, qí, qǐ, qì Mandarin pinyin tunes

qiā, qiá, qiǎ, qià Mandarin pinyin tunes

qiān, qián, qiǎn, qiàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

qiāng, qiáng, qiǎng, qiàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

qiāo, qiáo, qiǎo, qiào Mandarin pinyin tunes

qiē, qié, qiě, qiè Mandarin pinyin tunes

qigong, breathing technique

qīn, qín, qǐn, qìn Mandarin pinyin tunes

qīng, qíng, qǐng, qìng Mandarin pinyin tunes

qiōng, qióng, qiǒng, qiòng Mandarin pinyin tunes

qiū, qiú, qiǔ, qiù Mandarin pinyin tunes

quality of being excellent; strong point

quarrel; noisy

qū, qú, qǔ, qù Mandarin pinyin tunes

quān, quán, quǎn, quàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

quantifier for a flower, cloud

quantity; amount; capacity

quarrel; dispute

quē, qué, quě, què Mandarin pinyin tunes



questions and answers


quick; fast (kuai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

quiet; silent

quiz; exam; test

quick; clever

quick; prompt

quick and fast

quickly and eagerly; hastily

quirky; characterized by peculiar traits

quit; cease

quit school; drop out

quite; very

quite a while

quite nice; very good

quitting; abstain from

quitting smoking; give up smoking


qūn, qún, qǔn, qùn Mandarin pinyin tunes


rabbit (video)

Rabbit year of the Chinese zodiac sign

rack; shelf; stand


raging fire; fierce fire

raindrop; drops of rain

rage; wrath

raise; lift up

raise one's hand


rakish; pretty and cute

range; example

range; scope

rank; class

rank; level; grade

rank; order

rank of nobility

ranking of popularity

ranking of popularity; popularity ranking

rapid; prompt

rapid economic growth; business is booming

rare; uncommon

rarely seen

rash; foolhardy; effrontery

rash; harum-scarum


rate; proportion

rationality; principle

ravioli; stuffed dumplings

raw materials

rays of light; brilliant rays

reach at; arrival

reach; successful

read; study

read a book


realize; sense

realize; understand

realize; understand clearly

realize the Zen gradually

really scared of

reason; logic

reason; principle

reason with someone

rebel against; resist

recalcitrant household owner who adamantly refuses to comply


receive; get

receive assistance, get help


reckless; exotic

recklessly bold or rash; impertinent behavior

reclaim wasteland; cultivate land

recollection; memory

record; notes taken down

record; put down in writing

record; write down

record-breaking; break record

recover; come back

recover; restore

recovered to health

recruit talents everywhere

rectangle; rectangular figure


red color

red pepper; hot pepper

reduce; decrease; lessen

refined and gentle

reform; innovate


refuse; resist

refuses to admit; deny

refuse to pay a debt

refuse would be impolite

region; area

region; circumstance

regret; regretful

regret; repent

regulation; rule

reiterate; repeat

reinstate; recover

reject; say no

relatively; compare

relax; relieve

release; let go

release a captured animal

reliable; trustworthy

relieved; free from worry awkwardness

relic; traces


religious discipline; commandment

reluctantly; grudgingly; unwillingly

rely on; by means of

rely on; depend on (kao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rely on; depend on (lai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

remain; stay


remarkable; extraordinary

remarkable; prominent


remember; memorize

remember to be grateful

Remember to be grateful for family reunion.

Remember to call me.

remember with concern

remembering in one's heart (Chinese idiom)

remote and vague; distant and indistinct


render a salute

render one's service

repeat; overlap

repeat; reiterate

repel; upbraid


repent and reform; mend one's ways

replenish; supplement

reply; answer


report of success

reportedly; according to what some say


reproach; reprimand

repudiate a debt

repulsion; exclude

rescue; emergency rescue

reserve; order

reserve; retain

reserve a room

reserve a seat; booking


reside; dwell

resident; inhabitant


resist; oppose

resist; rebel against

resolute; unwavering

resolution; determination

resolved; determined to

respect; esteem


resplendent; gorgeous


rest assured; feel relieved

restrain; refrain

restrained; ill at ease

result; outcome

resurrect; bring back to life

retain possession of; keep

retreat from; withdraw

return; back (hui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

return; back (hui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

return, give back

return, give back (huan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

return; go back to

return borrowed money

return home; go home

return in triumph; triumphant return

return to one's hometown


revenge; vengeance

revile a person

revival; come back to former glory

rewards and punishment

rice (video)

rice (mi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rice wine

rich; wealthy (fu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rich; wealthy (kuo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

riches and honor

riddle; puzzle


riding a bike

ride a horse (qi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ride a horse (ma, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ride or drive around for fun

ridge; edge

right (direction)

right and wrong

right or wrong

right way; correct path

right way; correct path; decent way

right-hand side

rights; legal rights

ring; finger ring

ring; loop

rise; get up

rise and fall

risk-taking; taking risks

river (video)

river; large river

river; Sichuan


river (he, Mandarin pinyin practice)



road; route

road; street


roam; stroll

roam; sweep off

roam about; wander about

roar; howl


roast; bake

roast; toast; bake

roast; toast; bake

roast meat; barbecue

roast turkey

rob a place using violence

robber; thief

rub; rush


robust; vigorous and energetic

rock and roll

rock crystal

roe; egg; ovum

role; character

roll; turn over and over

roll up, a roll

romance; love


romantic attachment

roof of a house


room; house



rotten; decayed

rough and round; approximate

rouse to action; urge spiritually

routed; dispersed

row a boat; paddle a boat

row a boat (hua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

rude and unreasonable; outrageous


rude; rough

rude; uncultured

ruin; destroy

ruined; break down

rule; regulation

rules; discipline

rules; manners; well-behaved

rules; regulations

rumble, thunder

rumble with thunder

run; move quickly

run quickly

running water; flowing water

ruses of war

rush; dash; forge ahead

rush; rub

ruthless; cruel


sad; sorrow


safe and well

safe and well (kang, Mandarin pinyin practice)


safety (an pinyin practice)

sagging; drooping

sail of boat


sale by acution




salute; render a salute

salute; venerate


sarcastic remarks; mock

satirize; irony

satisfaction of to all (Chinese idiom)



satisfy; satisfied

sauce; jam

saucer; small plate


savage; barbarous

save; store up

saw (tool)

saw; cut with a saw


say no; reject

scales; fish scale


scar of wound; cuts and bruises

scarcity; barren


scared; dread

scarf; tower

scarlet; bare

scenery; landscapes

scheme; plan

scheme; trick

science; scientific knowledge

scissors (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

scissors (dao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

scold, rebuke

scoop up; fish up

scope; range

scorched; charred


screw up one's eyes

scrimp and save; frugal

scripture; classic books


sculpture; carve


sea; ocean

sea shore

sea turtle

sea waves; ocean waves

sear; iron; brand

seashell; cowrie; conch



seclusion; live in seclusion

secret; confidential

secret agent; spy

secret of success

secret recipe; knack


section (duan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

section (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

section; department; science

seduce; entice

seductive appearance; coquettish

see; meet

see; view; look

seek an alliance with; join together

see with one's eyes


seize (opportunity)

seize or rob by force

seize the opportunity to get help

seize the opportunity to start over again

seize an opportunity (chen, Mandarin pinyin practice)


self; oneself

sell; vend

Self-help (book, groups)

self-possessed; imperturbable; calm

sell; sale

senior general

senior master

sense; feel

sense; realizeg

sense; sensation

sense of right; inner voice

sentence; line of verse

sentiment; affection

sentiments; feelings


separate; disunite; split up

series of, succession of events

serious; earnest

serious disagreement; conflict

serpent; python

set an object of pursuit

set up; arrange

set up; establish

setting sun

settled; free from worry

seven, 7

several; some

several people; few people

severe; acute

severe; harsh

severe winter; dead of winter

shake; sway


shame; disgrace

shameful; ashamed



sharing happiness

sharing happiness with each other



she, her

she is

She is a princess.

She is a witch.

She is bold to do things hastily

She is doing things boldly

She is doing things very quickly

She is following behind me.

She is practicing playing the flute.

She plays the piano very well.

She is standing beside me.

She is telling stories to children.

She is very good at storytelling.

She is walking ahead of me.

shed tears; weep

sheep (video)

sheep (with thick woolly coat)

sheep's wool

shelf; stand

shell; hard surface

shelled shrimps


shield (weapon)

shining; bright (jiong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

shining; bright (liang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

shining; well-illuminated

ship; boat

shirk one's responsibility

shiver; tremble

shooting star; falling star


shore, coast

shore; dry land

short (height)

short in height (ǎi pinyin practice)

short in length (duan pinyin practice)

short of supplies

shorter than me

short trousers

shortcoming; weak point

should; ought to



shout; cry out (han, Mandarin pinyin practice)

shout; cry out (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

show; appear

show; program

show concern and solicitude

show off

show off one's abilities (Chinese idiom)

show up; appear

showily rich; lavish

shrewd; astute

shut down; close down

Sichuan; river

Sichuan style of cuisine

sick; disease

sickened; fall ill


side; edge

side road

sideburns; hair on the temples

sigh with sorrow, regret

sightseeing; tourism

silent; quiet

silk scarf

silly; ingenuous

similar; resembling


simple; brief

simple; uncomplicated

simple and crude

simple question


sincere; honest

sincere; true


sing a song

singing; sing a song


single; unmarried

sink; heavy

sister; young woman

sisters (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sisters (mei, Mandarin pinyin practice)


sitting under the tree

Sitting under the tree and resting

six; number 6


skim over; sweep past

skin; dermis

skin color (race)



sit in meditation


skill; technique

skillful hands


sky; air

sky; heavens

slab; board


slate; skating on ice

slave away at work; work hard


sleep (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sleep (qin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sleep; dormancy (mian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sleep; go to bed

sleeping quarters

sleeplessness; insomnia

sleepy; feel sleepy

slice; cut

slide; skate

slight; approximate


slim chance; uncertain future

slimmer than me

slip, slide

slip away


slow (video)

slow (man, Mandarin pinyin practice)

slow; tardy

slow; unhurried


sly; cunning


small bell

small cubes or dices; young man

small hole; pinhole

small island; islet

small plate; saucer

smaller than me

smoothly; unobstructed


snatch away

sneak away; slip away


soar, hover

sob; weep; cry

soccer; football

soft; downy


soldier of God

solid; firm

soldier; military personnel

solemn, with solemnity


solitary; alone

solitary; lonely (du, Mandarin pinyin practice)

solitary; lonely (gu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

solution of problem

solve; understand

solve riddles; guessing game



son; child


song, ballad

song; melody

sophisticated and cosmopolitan

sorrow, sad


sort; arrange

soul (ling, Mandarin pinyin practice)

soul (hun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

soul; spirit

sound volume; volume of sound


soup spoon; tablespoon



soy sauce


soy-stewed egg; marinaded egg

soya milk; soybean milk

space out; increase the distance between

spacious; broad; wide

sparkling; glittering (Chinese idiom)

speak, talk

speak, talk (hua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

speak, talk (jiang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

speak more slowly

spear (weapon)

spear; gun

special delivery; express delivery

special price; bargain price

spend money or time

spend one's holidays; enjoy a vacation

spend time; pass

sphere; ball

spiced corned egg; soy-stewed egg


spicy; hot; pungent


spiral shell; conch


spirit; soul

spirited and handsome

spiritual medium; psychic medium

splendor; brilliance

splendor; magnificent

split; rip open

split up; separate; disunite

spoil; pamper

spoken words; talks


spotless; stainless

spots; specks

spread; pass

spring; fountain

spring water

Spring Festival; Chinese New Year

spring roll

spring season


sprinkle water

spy; espionage

spy; secret agent

squander; waste

square (fang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

square (ju, Mandarin pinyin practice)

square; direction

squat; crouch down

squat down


squeeze toothpaste out of a tube

squint; narrow one's lids


stage fright

stage of work

stairway; flight of stairs

stamp on; kick

stamp someone with foot


stand; erect

stand; on one's feet

standing beside

standing by the roadside

standing by the roadside and waiting for someone

standing on the tree


stare; fix one's eyes on

stare; glare

start, begin

start; inspire

startle; frightened

starving; hungry (e, Mandarin pinyin practice)

starving; hungry (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

state; situation

state (of mind)


status; condition


stay; remain

stay in the house

staying power; perseverance


steed; fine horse


stench; unpleasant smell

step; pace

step across; take big strides

step in; intervene


stew for broth

stew with soy sause


stick; cudgel

stick (Chinese weapon)

stick into; insert; interject

stick method (Chinese martial art)


stimulate; agitate

sting by insect; ask

stingy; miserly

stingy; miserly; ungenerous

stinking; foul-smelling

stir; mix by stirring

stir to mix


stir-fry; pan-fry

stomach ache


store; shop (dian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

store up; save the file

storehouse; warehouse


story; tale (gu, Mandarin pinyin practice)


stove; oven; furnace


straitened circumstances; difficult position

stranded; trapped; besieged

strange; peculiar (qi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strange; peculiar (guai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strange; wonderful


strangle with hands; throttle

strategy; strategics


stray from place to place

street; road

street vendor

strength; force

strength; vigor (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strength; vigor (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strengthen; solidify

strenuously; exert oneself

stretch tight; draw tight

stretch the truth; exaggerate

stretched taut; tense and taut

strict; stern


strike; beat

strike, bang

strike; hit

strike root; take root

string together; connect

strive; work at one's utmost

stroll; roam (guang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

stroll; roam (liu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strong; brawny; physically strong

strong; intense

strong; powerful

strong and durable

strong and powerful (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strong and powerful (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strong and secure

strong point; quality of being excellent


stubborn; headstrong

stubborn; obstinate; unyielding

stuck; jammed

stuck into something


stuffed dumplings

stuffy; suffocating; oppressive

stupefied; distracted


stupid; expressionless

stupid fellow; idiot

sturdy; secure

sturdy; solid and firm

sturdy; solid and firm

style; fashion

style; grid

subdue; overcome; conquer

submit; injustice

substantial stuffed dumplings

substitute; generation

subtract; decrease

suburbs; outskirts


succeed; continue

succeed, success

success, succeed

success (cheng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

successful; reach

succession of; series of events

succumb to; capitulate


sue; tell

suffer from (a disease) (hai Mandarin pinyin practice)

suffer from (a disease) (huan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

suffer losses

suffering; torment


sugary affectionate; sweet as honey

suit of armor; helmet and armor

suitable; fit

sultry; muggy

summit; peak

summit; zenith

sumptuous; luxurious



sunny and cloudless

sunny day

sunny fine weather






supervise; oversee (du, Mandarin pinyin practice)

supervise; oversee (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

supplement; replenish

supply; make up for

support; backing

support; prop up

support and help

support with hand (chan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

support with hand (fu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

supposition; hypothesis

supreme chief

sure; definite

surface; exterior

surmount; overcome

surpass; exceed

surprise; amaze

surprise (with joy)

surround; encompass

survive together; coexist

suspend; hang (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

suspend; hand up (gua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

suspension bridge

sustain under difficult circumstances


swap; exchange


sweat; exude sweat

sweep off; roam

sweet; voluntary

sweet and charming

sweet and pretty; lovely

sweet and refreshing

sweet as honey; pleasing and delightful

sweet smell; fragrance

sweetheart; lover

swift; agile

swift horse; gallant horse


swing; sway

swing on a swing



swimming pool

switch; open and close


symmetry; symmetrical

sympathize with




take a dog for a walk

take account of; consider

take big strides; step across

Take me away

take medicine

take root; strike root

take turns; alternate

taking risks; risk-taking

Tai Chi



take; get

take apart; disassemble

take away by force

take care of someone

take it easy

tale; story (gu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

talk; speak (hua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

talk; speak (jiang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

talk informally; chat

talk nonsense; useless words

talks; spoken words


talkative; noisiness

talkative on trivial matters; garrulous


tall; high

tall and short (ai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

tall and short (gao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

taller than me

tangerine; mandarin orange

tangled; entangled; entanglement

tapering; pointed

tardy; slow



tea (cha Mandarin pinyin practice)


teach; enlighten

teach; instruct

teach me



team leader

team leader; captain of a team


tear down; dismantle


tease; elicit laughter

technique; skill



tell; lawsuit

tell; sue

tell stories

telling stories to children

tell apart

temple; palace

temple of gods

tend toward

tender passions

tense; nervous

tense and taut; stretched taut

test paper; examination paper

terribly enough; unbearable

territory; domain

terror; horror (kong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

terror; horror (bu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

test; examine

textile; fabric

Thank you


thanks a lot; many thanks

Thanks for your

Thanks for your coffee.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your water

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Roast Turkey Dinner

that; at; in; from; than

that one

that way

The boy says that he is a prince.

The girl says that she is a princess.


then; at that time

theory; theorem

therapy; medical treatment

there's no harm

there is not; not have


they; them

They are working.

They are working in the office.

thick, thickness

thick and thin (hou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

thick and thin (bao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

thick liquid

thick or thin; dark or light

thief; robber



thing, something

think; keep in mind

think, want

think it through; consider

think of someone or something; on one's mind


thirst; thirsty


This is…

This is true.

This is not…

This is not true.

This joke is very funny.

this kind

this one

This story is very touching.

this thing

this way

This weather is very comfortable.

this year

Thor; God of thunder




those people

Those people are dancing.

Those people are dancing on the stage.


thousand miles (apart, away)

thousand years; millennium

thrifty; frugal

thrilled; excited

thrive; prosper

thriving; flourishing


throttle; strangle with hands

throttle the neck

throw away; lose (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

throw away; lose (diu, Mandarin pinyin practice)




tidewater; tidal water

tie a knot

tie or strap something tight

tie together

tie up; bundle up

tie with string or cord


tiger (hu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

tight; close; compact

tight encirclement; inescapable dragnet

tightly closed; muffled; sealed

till the land; cultivate soil


time; hour; moment

time is up

time of the examination

time to have meals

time to take medicine

timid; afraid

timid; cowardly

tips; gratuity


tired; lack

tired; tiredness

tired; weary (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

tired; weary (fa, Mandarin pinyin practice)

tired; weary (juan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

tired; weary (lei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

title; appellation

to the end


toast; roast; bake


today (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

tofu; bean curd


toil; fatigued


toilsome; laborious

tolerate kindly


tomb; grave


tomorrow will be better

tone; transfer

tool; implement; unensil


tooth; teeth

tooth extraction



top of; jolt; bump

top of a mountain; mountaintop

top-notch player

topple; collapse

torment; suffering

toss; lose

touch; contact

touch; grope for

touch; move

touch with; contact with

touching; affecting; moving

touching, moving

tough; powerful

tough; very recently

tough guy; dauntless and unyielding man

tour guide

tour leader, tour conductor

tourism; sightseeing


tower; scarf


trace; mark

traces; relic

traditional Chinese characters

traditional story; legend


traffic accident; car accident


transfer; tone

transform; change (bian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

transform; change (hua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

transverse; horizontal

trapped; besieged

trauma; wound


travel; journey

treasure, precious (bao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

treasure, precious (bei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

treat or entertain hospitably

treat someone a meal or drink

treating people equally; fair

treat someone to a meal

treatment; cure a disease


tree-legged ancient Chinese cooking vessel

tremble; shivering

tremendous; vast

trench; ditch

trend; tendency


trick; knack

trick; scheme

tricks of the trade

triumph; victory (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

triumph; victory (kai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

triumphant return; return in triumph

troops; armed forces

troops; army

trouble; danger

trouble for the future; evil consequences

trousers; pants

truck; vehicle used for carrying goods

truck; wagon; lorry


true love

True love can last forever.

true love (ài pinyin practice)

true or false; genuine or sham

true-hearted; wholehearted

trustee; member of a company board

trustworthy; reliable

try to figure out; fathom

tube; pipe

tuck into one’s inner pocket

tumble; fall down

tumble, fall suddenly, clumsily, or headlong



turbulent; upheaval

turbulence; air turbulence

turn on; open

turn on and turn off



turn left

turn right

turn off; close

turn off the light

turn on the light

turn over

turn over and over; roll

Turn right at the front intersection.


turtle (gui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

turtle is hiding in the water


twin; born as twins

twist; distort

twist; wring

two, 2

two; both

tycoon; magnate


Typhoon is approaching



ugly duckling

unable to sleep; inability to sleep

unbearable; insufferable

unbearable; terribly enough

unbeatable rival; invincible opponent

uncertain; vague

uncertain future; slim chance

uncivilized; brutal

uncommon; rare

uncomplicated; simple

uncooked rice

uncultured; rude


under; below

under the tree

undergo; pass through


understand; realize

understand; understanding

understand clearly; realize

understand thoroughly; go through

undertake; bear

undertake; burden

undesirable; insignificant

unearth; excavate

unexpected tricky move (martial art)

unfairness; grievance

unfavorable situation; disadvantage

unfinished love

unhurried; slow

uniform; distinctive clothing

unique skill; master-stroke

unite; combine

unite; connect

United States

unknown; mysterious

unmarried; single

unnatural; awkward

unobstructed; smoothly

unoccupied; vacant

unorthodox; unconventional; nonconformist

unpleasant smell; stench

unreflective act; impulse

unrestrained; casual

unrestrained; dissolute

unwavering; resolute

unwillingly; reluctantly; grudgingly

unwilling to work; lazy

unyielding; obstinate; stubborn

upbraid; repel

upheaval; turbulent

upmost; extremely

upper arm


upright; vertical

upright; worried

upright and proper

upside down; inverted


urbane; courteous and refined in manner

urge; exhort; exert oneself to

urge someone earnestly; exhort

urge spiritually; rouse to action

urgent; hurried

urgent; pressing

Ursa Major, Big Dipper constellation

us; we

use as an excuse

used to; accustomed to

useless words; talk nonsense

usually; constant

utensil; device

utensil; tool

utmost; extreme


vacant; unoccupied

vacation; holiday

vague; uncertain


valuable; worth a great deal of money

value; price

variation; change

variegated carp; Koi Fish

various kinds; every kind of

vast; tremendous

vast and extensive; widespread


vehicle; car

vehicle used for carrying goods

vend; sell

venerate; salute

vengeance; revenge

venture; adventure

vertical; upright

venture out into the world


very; quite

very bad; abominable

very comfortable

very funny

very good; quite nice

very good at something

very recently; tough

very satisfied

very touching

very good

very good walking shoes

very satisfied; feel quite pleased

vexation; worry

vexed and worried; annoyed

victory; triumph (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

victory; triumph (kai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

victory or defeat

virtuous; clean

view; look; see

view; observe

view; scenery

view; see; look at

vigor; strength (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

vigor; strength (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

vigorous and energetic; robust

vigorous and unrestrained

vine or rattan

violate; offend

violent fire; blazing fire


VIP; distinguished guest

viper; poisonous snake

virtuous; good; fine


visit; come to see someone

visitor; guest

volume of sound

voluntarily; willingly

voluntary; sweet

vulgar; unrefined; unfavorable


wagon; lorry; truck


wait; await (deng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wait a moment

Wait a moment! (deng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wait a moment (qie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wait for

wait for a moment

waiting for someone

wake up; awaken

walk, go

walk; go on foot

walk slowly

walking ahead of

walking dead; zombie

walking shoes

walking the dog


wall; enclosing wall


wander about; roam about


ward off; block

warehouse; storehouse

wash away; flush

warn; alert

warning; caution

waste; squander

wasteful; expense


watch out

watch the sea


water dam

water dumplings; Chinese dumplings

water channel; ditch

water pipe

water the flowers

water well



wave; wield

wave one's hand


waves; billows

wavy hair; curly hair


way; method (ban, Mandarin pinyin practice)

way; method (dao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

way; path

we; us

weak point; shortcoming

wealth and high position

wealthy; rich

wear; dressed in

wear; put on

wear a hat

wear clothes

weary; fatigue

weary; tired (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

weary; tired (fa, Mandarin pinyin practice)

weary; tired (juan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

weary; tired (lei, Mandarin pinyin practice)


weave; knit

wedding; marriage

wedding; marriage ceremony

wedding ceremony

wedge; stuck; jammed

weed out; clean away

weekly magazine

weep; cry; sob

weep; shed tears

weight lifting (sport)

weight scale

weighty; oppressive

Welcome (sign for visiting guest)

well (deep hole)


well-illuminated; bright; shining

well off; adequate

well-behaved; manners

well-behaved; obedient

well-known; grand reputation

well-known figure

werewolf; wolfman



whale (jing, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Whales can swim far away.


What are you doing?

What are you looking for?

What are you missing?

What do you have?

What is your question? (1)

What is your question? (2)

What kind of music to listen to

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

What kind of music do you want to listen to?

What is this thing?

What is this thing called?

What should I do?

What's the news?

What's the news recently?

What's your name?

What's your opinion?

what thing


wheat flour

wheatland; wheat field

wheedle; coax



When an earthquake occurs


Where are you from?

Where are you going?

where can I find

Where do you stay?

Where is the station?

Where is the subway?

Where is the toilet?

whether or not; yes or no

whiskers; beard


white color

whole; all

whole family

whole family (2)

whole family (quan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wholehearted; true-hearted

Why are you not happy?

Why are you not here?

Why are you so happy?



Why do angels not sleep?

wicked; bad (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wicked; bad (e, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wicked; bad (huai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wide; broad (kuan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wide; broad (kuo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wide; extensive (bo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wide; extensive (guang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wide and narrow

widespread; vast and extensive


widowed; less, not many


wife (qi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wife and children; one's family

wild; unrestrained

wild and bleak; desolate

wild flower


willing to

willingly; voluntarily


willow tree

win a prize

win-win solution (Chinese idiom)


wind shear; air turbulence


window curtains (chuang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

window curtains (lian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

window-shopping; lounge about the streets



wintry; chilly

wipe up; mop up

wisdom; intelligence

wish, hope

wish you


withdraw; evacuate

withdraw; retreat from

withdraw money (from bank or ATM)


within; inside

without; none; not

without charge; free

wok; pan; cooking pot


wolfman; werewolf

woman, women

woman goes to the seaside and watches the sea

wonderful; strange


wood plank

woods; grove; forest

woodwind instrument

wool; fleece

wordy; long-winded


work; achievement

work; labor

work; fight

work at one's utmost; strive

work hard

work hard; slave away at work

work hard to start over again


worker; labor

working in the office

working shift; class

workman; laborer


worm; bug

worried; gloomy

worried; upright


worry; fret about

worry; vexation

worship (bai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

worship (chong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

worth a great deal of money

Would you please

Would you please give me…

Would you please give me a little more time.

Would you please hurry up

Would you please slow down a little bit

Would you please speak more slowly.

Would you please wait a moment

wound; create (chuang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

wound; trauma

wrath; rage

wrestle; fight

wring; twist

write down (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

write down (lu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

writing brush

writing instrument

wrong; not



Yangtze River; Changjiang River


yearn for; aspire after

yearn for; cherish the memory of

years of age


yes or no; whether or not

you (plural)

you are (verb+ing)

You are 12 years younger than my wife.

You are welcome

you have

You should act that way

You should act this way

young age

young brother

young lady; Miss

young man; male admirer

young man; small cubes or dices

young woman; sister


younger brother

younger sister (video)

younger sister (mei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

younger than me

You must persist to the end.

young man; elder brother


your; yours (de, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Your question is not simple..


zealot; fanatic; fans



zenith; summit

zero; number 0

zodiac animals

zombie; walking dead

zone; area

zone out; drift off

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