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Online translation makes mistake all the time! Since English and Chinese are based on different linguistic systems, and somehow simplified Chinese characters are confused/mixed up with some other traditional Chinese characters. By the way, online English-Chinese translation processed by computer is just connecting words literally more or less violating the classic Chinese grammar preposterously.

Accurate and elegant: What makes a translation good? You need a profound understanding of the Kanji system across different cultures including Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese, as well as familiarity of the Western culture. Your translator Andres Leo is an established poet and novelist. Educated in Taiwan and the United States, his multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary background very well distinguishes him from the rest.

Interactive and reliable: Your translator answers your questions and tailors to your needs. He views translations as a form of creation and cross-cultural experience. He enjoys the job while at the same time takes it seriously. READ FEEDBACK FROM OUR CLIENTS...

If you have any question about Chinese translation or quote of document translation, You are welcome to Contact with Andres Leo via: taigoan@gmail.com

(in traditional Chinese symbols, 3 fonts, standard Mandarin, no other dialects)
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