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body, torso; the main part; oneself, life; person, personally
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

(The way of strokes are the same!)

The meanings in Chinese:

body, torso

the main part

oneself, life

person, personally

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pronunciation: shēn shen~1

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calligraphic strokes animation:

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recommended words or phrases:

body and mind, physical and mental
body and mind
physical and mental

Body, Mind, Soul
Body, Mind, Soul

pose and motion, moving technique of body in martial arts
pose and motion
moving technique
(of body in martial arts)

skill, talent, agility of body movement
agility of body movement

beside, alongside, next to, abreast of, by the side of
next to
abreast of
by the side of

figure, stature, bodily shape
bodily shape

human body, health of a person
human body
health of a person

act personally, practice what one preaches, carry out by actual efforts
act personally
practice what one preaches
carry out by actual efforts
do something persistently without letup
set an example by taking part personally

veteran in battle, experienced many battles, gone through numerous battles
veteran in battle
battle seasoned
experienced many battles
fought a hundred battles
gone through numerous battles

body sculpting, shape the body
body sculpting
shape the body

slimming, slenderize, make oneself thinner
make oneself thinner

warm up, warming-up exercise
warm up
warming-up exercise

warm up
warm up

self-sacrifice, sacrifice oneself, give one's life
sacrifice oneself
give one's life

devote oneself, commit oneself, dedicate oneself, sacrifice one's life
devote oneself
commit oneself
dedicate oneself
sacrifice one's life

stunt double, stand-in, substitute, understudy
a double
stunt double

transfiguration, shapeshifting, metamorphosis

rise in society, go up among, ascend onto the superior
rise in society
go up among
ascend onto the superior

amulet, talisman, protective charm
protective charm

conduct oneself virtuously, preserve one's own purity
conduct oneself virtuously
preserve one's own purity

life partner, lifelong companion, companion through life
life partner
lifelong companion
companion through life


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