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acquaint, acquaintance
aware of or familiar with;
knowledge or experience of something

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understand; comprehend; understanding; comprehension; acquaintance; acquaint oneself with
to understand
to comprehend
acquaint oneself with

familiar with; conversant; acquainted with; know well about; know something or somebody well
familiar with
acquainted with
know well about
know something or somebody well

know each other well; well acquainted with each other; bosom friend; intimate friend; very close friend
know each other well
well acquainted with each other
bosom friend
intimate friend
very close friend

personal networks; personal connections; social connections; relations with others
personal networks
personal connections
social connections
relations with others

introduce, introduction, acquaint
to introduce
to acquaint

deja vu; seemingly familiar; Somewhere in Time; seem to have met before; apparently already acquainted; a feeling of having already experienced the present situation
deja vu
seemingly familiar
Somewhere in Time
seem to have met before
apparently already acquainted
a feeling of having already experienced the present situation

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