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feeling fear or anxiety;
worried that something undesirable will occur

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fear, dread, afraid
to fear, dread, afraid

to fear; dread; afraid of; scared of
to fear
to dread
afraid of
scared of

to fear, dread; scare of; afraid of
to fear, dread
scare of
afraid of

to fear; dread; be afraid
to fear
to dread
be afraid

to fear; be afraid of; terror, horror, fright
to fear
be afraid of
terror, horror, fright

timid, cowardly; fear, afraid, nervous; lacking in courage
timid, cowardly
fear, afraid, nervous
lacking in courage

scared, afraid; fearful, frightened, timorous
scared, afraid
fearful, frightened, timorous

afraid, fear; to palpitate, palpitation; throb with terror; palpitation of the heart
afraid, fear
to palpitate
throb with terror
palpitation of the heart

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