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in opposition to;
in anticipation of and preparation for a problem or difficulty

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against (1-character)






rise up against; to rebel, rebellion; to resist, resistance
rise up against
to rebel, rebellion
to resist, resistance

to resist; defy; oppose; fight against
to resist
to defy
to oppose
fight against

resist; act against
to resist
act against

ability of resistance; resistance to diseases
ability of resistance
resistance to diseases

immune; immunization; immunity against disease; resistant to a particular infection
immunity against disease
resistant to a particular infection

protest; objection; remonstrate

refuse; reject; say no; turn down
to refuse
to reject
to say no
to turn down

versus; face off; confront each other; against each other; stand off between two opponents
face off
confront each other
against each other
stand off between two opponents

measure up against; contest with each other
measure up against
contest with each other

contest; compete; measure up against; engage in competition
to contest
to compete
measure up against
engage in competition

fight against heavy odds; pit the few against the many; fight a numerically superior enemy
fight against heavy odds
pit the few against the many
fight a numerically superior enemy

bitter fight; hard battle; tough game; fight against heavy odds
bitter fight
hard battle
tough game
fight against heavy odds

guard against; take precautions
guard against
take precautions

prevent; prevention; precaution; prevent beforehand; prepare against
prevent beforehand
prepare against

prevent; guard against
to prevent
guard against

burglarproof; prevention of burglary; guard against burglary
prevention of burglary
guard against burglary

bulletproof; shellproof; protect against bullet
protect against bullet

ward off evils; exorcise evil spirits; counteract evil force; protect against evil spirits
ward off evils
exorcise evil spirits
counteract evil force
protect against evil spirits

rebellious son; a son who rebels against his family
rebellious son
a son who rebels against his family

against the wind; contrary wind; adverse wind; unfavorable wind
against the wind
contrary wind
adverse wind
unfavorable wind

swim upstream; swim against the current
swim upstream
swim against the current

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