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applaud, applause
show approval or praise by clapping

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praise, applaud; commend, extol, eulogize
to praise, applaud
to commend, extol, eulogize

praise, applause; brilliant, splendors
praise, applause
brilliant, splendors

to applaud; cry of bravo; shout for joy; cheer in praise
to applaud
cry of bravo
shout for joy
cheer in praise

to applaud; clap hands; show approval or praise by clapping
to applaud
clap hands
show approval or praise by clapping

to applaud; hand clapping
to applaud
hand clapping

applause; sound of clapping
sound of clapping

to praise; commend; applaud; compliment
to praise
to commend
to applaud
to compliment

praise; acclaim; applaud; eulogize
to praise
to acclaim
to applaud
to eulogize

to applaud; agree with; approve of
to applaud
agree with
approve of

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