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put to use especially for some practical purpose;
make a formal application or request

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apply; employ; make use of
to apply
to employ
make use of

to use, apply
to use, apply

to use; apply; employ
to use
to apply
to employ

apply flexibly; use with creativity; flexible application
apply flexibly
use with creativity
flexible application

to utilize; apply; application; make practical and effective use of
to utilize
to apply
make practical and effective use of

usel employ; apply; make; enable
to use
to employ
to apply
to make
to enable

use, apply; act, carry out
to use, apply
to act, carry out

to rub, scrub, swab; apply liquid or ointment to
to rub, scrub, swab
apply liquid or ointment to

to lay; apply; spread; arrange; put on skin
to lay
to apply
to spread
to arrange
put on skin

apply make-up
apply make-up

application; apply for; file an application
apply for
file an application

resume; curriculum vitae
curriculum vitae

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