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giving or being a sign of future success

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auspicious (1-character)

auspicious; good fortune; omen of fortune; blessed with fortune
good fortune
omen of fortune
blessed with fortune

lucky, auspicious, propitious, fortunate, good luck, under favorable auspices

most favorable auspices; great fortune and great profit; unexcelled luck and great prosperity; Lucky and Prosperous New Year
most favorable auspices
great fortune and great profit
unexcelled luck and great prosperity
Lucky and Prosperous New Year

Auspicious beginning of a new business; Great prosperity attend the grand opening
Auspicious beginning of a new business.
Great prosperity attend the grand opening.

lucky day, propitious day, auspicious day
lucky day
propitious day
auspicious day

auspicious and peaceful; propitious and harmonious
auspicious and peaceful
propitious and harmonious

good omen, auspicious sign, propitious omen
good omen
auspicious sign
propitious omen

good omen, propitious sign, auspicious augury
good omen
propitious sign
auspicious augury

Pixiu, winged lion, mythical auspicious beast, a Chinese mythical hybrid creature
mythical auspicious beast

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