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receive an advantage;

an advantage or profit gained from something

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to benefit, to favor, to profit, a favor, kindness
to benefit
to favor
to profit
a favor, kindness

benefit, profit, interest, favorable, beneficial, advantage, advantageous
benefit, profit, interest
favorable, beneficial
advantage, advantageous

reciprocal; mutual benefit; mutually beneficial; benefit each other
mutual benefit
mutually beneficial
benefit each other

welfare, interests, fringe benefits
fringe benefits

profit; benefit; interest; advantage

altruistic, altruism, benefit others
benefit others

benefited in every way, lucky in every endeavor, successful in whatever one does
benefited in every way
lucky in every endeavor
successful in whatever one does

to benefit; the profit; beneficial
to benefit
the profit

profit by; benefit from; be benefited; derive benefit
profit by
benefit from
be benefited
derive benefit

Modesty benefits, arrogance hurts, The modest receive benefit, while the conceited reap failure
Modesty benefits, arrogance hurts.
The modest receive benefit, while the conceited reap failure.

Benefit by mutual discussion, Pool wisdom for mutual benefit, Profit from widespread suggestions
Benefit by mutual discussion.
Pool wisdom for mutual benefit.
Profit from widespread suggestions.

benefit; advantage; profit gained
profit gained

benefit; beneficial

to benefit, enrich, grace, favors, kindness
to benefit, enrich
grace, favors, kindness

to benefit, relieve, aid
to benefit, relieve, aid

benefit the world; help the world
benefit the world
help the world

to benefit, confer benefits on, bring prosperity to, do good deeds to
to benefit
confer benefits on
bring prosperity to
do good deeds to

merit and virtue, achievement and virtue, charitable and pious deeds, action that is done for the benefit of others
merit and virtue
achievement and virtue
charitable and pious deeds
action that is done for the benefit of others

favors, benefits, good grace, respectful gift
favors, benefits
good grace, respectful gift

to receive benefits
to receive benefits

enjoy the use of, take pleasure from, possess and benefit from
enjoy the use of
take pleasure from
possess and benefit from

enjoy, possess and benefit from
to enjoy
possess and benefit from

win-win; profitable to both sides
profitable to both sides

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