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not sweet; a sharp, pungent taste;
feeling or showing anger, hurt, or
resentment because of bad experiences
or a sense of unjust treatment.

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bitter, pain, suffering, painful, laborious, miserable
pain, suffering
painful, laborious, miserable

bitter gourd, bitter squash, balsam-pear
bitter gourd
bitter squash

bitter smile, wry smile, to laugh wryly
bitter smile
wry smile
to laugh wryly

bitter fight; hard battle; tough game; fight against heavy odds
bitter fight
hard battle
tough game
fight against heavy odds

road of no return; a bittersweet life
road of no return
a bittersweet life

After suffering comes happiness, Sweet are the fruits of labor, Luck turns after hardship, Sweet are the uses of adversity, When bitterness is finished, sweetness begins
After suffering comes happiness.
Sweet are the fruits of labor.
Luck turns after hardship.
Sweet are the uses of adversity.
When bitterness is finished, sweetness begins.

sweetness and bitterness; joys and sorrows; happiness and suffering; hardship and difficulties of life
sweetness and bitterness
joys and sorrows
happiness and suffering
hardship and difficulties of life

five flavors: sweetness 甜, sourness 酸, bitterness 苦, peppery hotness 辣, and saltiness 鹹
five flavors

sweetness 甜
sourness 酸
bitterness 苦
peppery hotness 辣
saltiness 鹹

sense of taste, sensation of taste, basic tastes: sweetness 甜, sourness 酸, saltiness 鹹, bitterness 苦, and umami 鮮
sense of taste
sensation of taste

sweetness 甜
sourness 酸
saltiness 鹹
bitterness 苦
umami 鮮

enmity; rancor; feeling of bitterness
feeling of bitterness

bitter enemy, opponent and foe, deep-seated antagonists
bitter enemy
opponent and foe
deep-seated antagonists

grief, sorrowfully; bitterly, anguish
grief, sorrowfully
bitterly, anguish

a bitter taste vegetable
a bitter taste vegetable

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