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blessing (Chinese idiom)

bless (Chinese words)

bless (Chinese idiom)

blessing; happiness; auspiciousness

good fortune, blessing, happiness, good luck, fortunate
good fortune
blessing, happiness
good luck, fortunate

blessing; happy lot; good fortune
happy lot
good fortune

live comfortably; enjoy the blessing; live in ease and comfort; enjoy life in comfort and happiness
live comfortably
enjoy the blessing
live in ease and comfort
enjoy life in comfort and happiness

sincerely wish; express good wishes
sincerely wish
express good wishes

bless, merry, blessing, best wishes, wish happiness
best wishes
wish happiness

bless, blessing, give blessing, blessing from God
to bless
give blessing
blessing from God

cherish blessings; appreciate good fortune; gratitude and contentment; cherish one's good fortune
cherish blessings
appreciate good fortune
gratitude and contentment
cherish one's good fortune

pray for blessings
pray for blessings

a blessing, good fortune
a blessing
good fortune

bless, blessing, protect
to bless
to protect

blessing of God, divine protection
blessing of God
divine protection

blessing, bless and protect, blessed by God
bless and protect
blessed by God

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