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separate into pieces as a result
of a blow, shock, or strain;

interrupt a continuity, sequence, or course

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to break, smash; to destroy, devastate, ravage
to break, smash
to destroy, devastate, ravage

broken; to break
to break

to spoil; go bad; break down
to spoil
go bad
break down

malfunction; breakdown of machinery; fail to function normally of a piece of equipment or machinery
breakdown of machinery
fail to function normally
(of a piece of equipment or machinery)

to break; cut apart, cut off
to break
cut apart, cut off

to bend, fold; to break, snap
to bend, fold
to break, snap

to break, crack; rend, split, rip open
to break, crack
to rend, split, rip open

to smash; break, pound
to smash
to break, pound

develop; break, open up
to develop
break, open up

open ground; break the ground; to develop, expand
open ground
break the ground
to develop, expand

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