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give someone or something a name;

cry out a word or words;

use a phone to talk to someone

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to call; to name
to call
to name

to call; summon; convene; call together
to call
to summon
to convene
call together

call; beckon; summon; order to be present
to call
to beckon
to summon
order to be present

call out; summon with a shout
call out
summon with a shout

call together; gather people
call together
gather people

to call; appeal; call together; ask earnestly; request urgently
to call
to appeal
call together
ask earnestly
request urgently

to name, call; say, tell, speak
to name, call
to say, tell, speak

name; given name; full name
given name
full name

to call; shout; cry out
to call
to shout
cry out

call for help; cry out for help
call for help
cry out for help

Mayday! call for help
call for help

to call, cry; call the name
to call, cry
call the name

to call; notify; humiliating
to call
to notify

to yell; call out loudly
to yell
call out loudly

call on; want to see; try to find
call on
want to see
try to find

to call; knock
to call
to knock

contact with; get in touch with
contact with
get in touch with

call, send a message
call, send a message

incoming phone call
incoming phone call

phone; telephone; phone call
phone call

phone number; telephone number
phone number
telephone number

takeout, takeaway; takeout of food; calling for food delivery
takeout of food
calling for food delivery

I, the sovereign - call oneself by Chinese emperor
I, the sovereign
(call oneself by Chinese emperor)

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