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take into one's possession or control by force;

record accurately in words or pictures

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to catch, capture; seize, clutch
to catch, capture
to seize, clutch

to catch; arrest, capture
to catch
to arrest, capture

to seize, catch; arrest, capture
to seize, catch
to arrest, capture

catch and grapple arts; seizing-and-grappling arts; capturing and grappling skills
catch and grapple arts
seizing-and-grappling arts
capturing and grappling skills

bounty; Wanted; offer a reward; offer a bounty for; a sum paid for killing or capturing a person
offer a reward
offer a bounty for
a sum paid for killing or capturing a person

captive; prisoner of war; take prisoner
prisoner of war
to take prisoner

to capture; take captives
to capture
take captives

a captive; take as prisoner
a captive
take as prisoner

war prisoner; prisoner of war
war prisoner
prisoner of war

set free; release a captured animal; Life release - a traditional Buddhist practice
set free
release a captured animal
Life release
(a traditional Buddhist practice)

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