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hold something dear;
protect and care for someone lovingly

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to love, cherish, treasure; to be fond of; to be keen on
to love
to cherish
to treasure
to be fond of
to be keen on

to cherish, to treasure, love dearly
to cherish
to treasure
love dearly

hold dear, take care, to value highly
hold dear
take care
to value highly

cherish, treasure, hold dear, keep carefully, value highly
to cherish
to treasure
hold dear
keep carefully
to value highly

to cherish, value highly; to sympathize
to cherish
to value highly
to sympathize

cherish blessings; appreciate good fortune; gratitude and contentment; cherish one's good fortune
cherish blessings
appreciate good fortune
gratitude and contentment
cherish one's good fortune

to value; cherish; hold dear; use sparingly
to value
to cherish
hold dear
use sparingly

to care, cherish; take good care of; give kind protection
to care
to cherish
take good care of
give kind protection

to pamper; protect and care; cherish and care; take good care of
to pamper
protect and care
cherish and care
take good care of

affectionate; loving care for; care and cherish; concern and love
loving care for
care and cherish
concern and love

cherish, treasure, dote on, love deeply, be very fond of
to cherish
to treasure
to dote on
to love deeply
be very fond of

to love; to favor; hold dear; dearly loved; extremely fond of; cherish with heart
to love
to favor
hold dear
dearly loved
extremely fond of
cherish with heart

baby; darling; cherished thing; treasured object
cherished thing
treasured object

wish; dream; aspiration; cherished desire; pledge made to oneself
cherished desire
pledge made to oneself

remember old friends; cherish old friendship
remember old friends
cherish old friendship

to miss; remember fondly; long to see again; cherish the memory of; thinking of someone not around
to miss
remember fondly
long to see again
cherish the memory of
thinking of someone not around

to yearn for; cherish the memory of; have sweet memory of; longing for something that one has lost or been separated from
to yearn for
cherish the memory of
have sweet memory of
longing for something that
one has lost or been separated from

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