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clear (1-character)

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clear (Chinese words)

clear, apparent; clear-sighted
clear, apparent

clear, distinct, pure; to clean, clear up
clear, distinct, pure
to clean, clear up

clear, distinct, apparent
clear, distinct, apparent

clear, limpid; transparent
clear, limpid

clear, limpid water
clear, limpid water

clear, obvious, manifest; light, luminous beam; bright, radiant, luminous
clear, obvious, manifest
light, luminous beam
bright, radiant, luminous

crystal; glittering; bright clear
bright clear

bright, clear
bright, clear

clear, tidy
clear, tidy

clear, evident; obvious, conspicuous
clear, evident
obvious, conspicuous

open-minded; clear, open, generous
clear, open, generous

fresh; bright, clear
bright, clear

fast, quick; clean, clear
fast, quick
clean, clear

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