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comprehend, comprehension
grasp mentally;
the ability to understand something

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understand; comprehend; to know, realize
to understand
to comprehend
to know, realize

understand; comprehend; apprehend
to understand
to comprehend
to apprehend

understand; comprehend; understanding; comprehension
to understand
to comprehend

understand; understanding; comprehension
to understand

enlighten; comprehend; awareness; awake to Zen; come to realize; realize the truth; quick to understand
to enlighten
to comprehend
awake to Zen
come to realize
realize the truth
quick to understand

comprehend, grasp mentally, come to realize, understand thoroughly
grasp mentally
come to realize
understand thoroughly

comprehension; power of comprehension; capacity for understanding
power of comprehension
capacity for understanding

practicing dhyana; comprehending of Zen; practice Zen Buddhist meditation; try to reach comprehension of dhyana
practicing dhyana
comprehending of Zen
practice Zen Buddhist meditation
try to reach comprehension of dhyana

state of mind, artistic conception, comprehension of skill and knowledge
state of mind
artistic conception
comprehension of skill and knowledge

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