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think carefully about something,
typically before making a decision

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to consider; think it through; take account of
to consider
think it through
take account of

to think; ponder; consider; thought; to long for
to think
to ponder
to consider
to long for

to consider, concern; to ponder; think over
to consider, concern
to ponder
think over

to consider; think over; use one's discretion
to consider
think over
use one's discretion

to deliberate; consider carefully; engage in long and careful consideration
to deliberate
consider carefully
engage in long and careful consideration

carve and polish; polish and refine; pondering; think about carefully
carve and polish
polish and refine
think about carefully

to consider; survey and weigh
to consider
survey and weigh

to plan, include; might be considered as
to plan, include
might be considered as

to estimate; consider; assess the importance
to estimate
to consider
assess the importance

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